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Ok, so I've changed over to an MSP430G2553IRHB32R Controller.  This is in the QFN 32 pin package.  According to it, P1.6 is for SCL I2C and P1.7 is for SDA I2C.


On the 20 pin board, they are pins 14 and 15.

On the 28 pin board they are pins 22 and 23.

On the 32 pin board they are pins 21 and 22.


So, I'm trying to use the simple I2C Scanner and get nothing.  I have 2 I2C devices attached, but cannot see either of them.  There have been many posts about inserting a Wire.write(1); command and copying updated files into the system.  


I'm using the latest Energia 18 on a Windows 10 machine.  I'm using LaunchPad 430 to program my custom board which has the MSP430G2553IRHB32R controller on it.


Seems like any time I attempt to use a different board, I have problems with the Wire library.  It seems to hang up during the endTransmission call.  I've tried 'SetModule(0)' and that doesn't work either.  I've checked the Pins_Energia.h file to make sure the pins were correct.


So, all that being said, Should I keep up the battle with Wire.h, use a different I2C library, or just write my own I2C library?


As I work with firmware more and more, I have a growing respect for those of you who live in that world.  You guys are amazing !!!  


I appreciate any help you are able to offer to get the I2C working on my custom board.




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Hi Curtis,


I've checked the Pins_Energia.h

looking in one of your previous posts to the pin map for the 32 pins devices, there are some defines that maybe are wrong?

I mean, at the beginning of the map you have

static const uint8_t TWISDA  = 22;  /* P1.6 */
static const uint8_t TWISCL  = 21;  /* P1.7 */

and later:

#define PIN_SCL   P1_3
#define PIN_SDA   P3_1

Are you sure the later defines are OK?

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