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MSP430 how to make WS2811Driver reduce from 800 kHz to 400 kHz link inside

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personally I use the SPI method exclusively for the smart LEDs  (WS2812B, and sk6812 recently)  one trick for getting the timing to cooperate is to set the SPI divider to get you close then you can change the rate of the MCLK registers to fine tune the timing.  it only has to be changed while the SPI is transmitting so you can change the clock back to normal "speed" after your done with the transmission.

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So I liked your idea JWoodrell, I made a little class to let me tweak on the fly without much effort:

class tweak_clk {
  int plus_;
  tweak_clk(int plus) : plus_(plus) {
    DCOCTL += plus_;

  ~tweak_clk(void) {
    DCOCTL -= plus_;

... to use it ..

void foo(void) {
 ... code running at normal speed
 tweak_clk turbo_20(0x20); // constructor called here
 ... run some more code at faster speed
 .. // destructor called when we left that code block
 .. all code here is normal speed again

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