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Adding a new board/chip support to Energia

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I am using a Launchpad 430 to program a custom board that uses an MSP430G2553IRHB32R chip from TI.  I am doing this on a Windows 10 machine.


Anyway, I have 2 problems.


1.  I cannot upload my program onto the custom board because I get a 'Could not find device (or device not supported) (error=4)' error. 

2.  The MSP430G2553IRHB32R has 32 pins on it and the Launchpad has 20.  I need to use all 32 pins.


So, is there a tutorial somewhere that explains how to make alterations to energia to allow it to support custom boards and other chip pinouts?  How do I get my new board to appear in the list of boards?  The Boards Manager just lets me pick from some predefined packages.  How do I add my own package?


I've scoured the internet and found little bits and pieces about changing the Boards.txt file and the Pins_Energia.h file.  However, these postings say things like "just add the appropriate pins to the pins_energia.h" or "add your board to the boards.txt file"..  The problem is that I don't know how to do that.  Can somebody please let me know in precise detail (catered to an energia newbie) in a step by step format how to do this?


I love the simplicity of Energia, but when you're not coding directly on a Launchpad, it's really hard to figure out how to get things to work on it.


Thanks so much for your assistance with this,


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There is discussion here on creating new pin maps for custom boards: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9292-pin-mapping-when-programming-another-chip-through-isp/


At the bottom of the thread is a link to a pin map for a 32 pin G2553 with instructions on github.


It is much easier to upload firmware to the G2 series chips with a more recent MSP430 LaunchPad like the F5529. The original LaunchPad is finicky. Make sure you have the recommended capacitor and resistor on reset.

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