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Energia compilation error

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Hey everyone,
I'm trying to interface an MSP-EXP430FR5969 with a GPS+GSM module (https://tronixlabs.com.au/arduino/shields/3g-shield/adafruit-fona-3g-cellular-breakout-900-and-2100-mhz-for-optus-vodafone-australia/)
I've been able to send a text message to my mobile using the Arduino, but when I try on Energia 1.6 with the module now plugged into the MSP430 I get compilation errors (mainly due to atof not being declared). Here's the code I am using:


#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "Adafruit_FONA.h"
#define FONA_RX 4
#define FONA_TX 3
#define FONA_RST 5
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial fonaSS = SoftwareSerial(FONA_TX, FONA_RX);
SoftwareSerial *fonaSerial = &fonaSS;
Adafruit_FONA_3G fona = Adafruit_FONA_3G(FONA_RST);
void setup() {
 while (!Serial);
void loop() {
 void sendText () {
        char sendto[21]= "04XXXXXXXX";
        char message[141] = "Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text";
        if (!fona.sendSMS(sendto, message)) {
          Serial.println(F("Sending message"));
        } else {
"C:\Users\...\Adafruit_FONA.cpp:909:30: error: 'atof' was not declared in this scope" is the main error I am getting. Any suggestions on how to have this compile please?
Thanks in advance :)

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