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I got the example working to some extent, but ended up using code composer - so mods feel free to move this if needed. Few questions on the RX example..


How do I add interrupt vectors?


Initally I have got it triggering on can messages by enabling:


CANIntRegister(CAN0_BASE, CANIntHandler); // if using dynamic vectors


I have set the msgID as:


sCANMessage.ui32MsgID = 0x600;


and have tried all sorts of masks.. from 0 to 0xffff etc - Just not sure how to set this?


sCANMessage.ui32MsgIDMask = 0xfff;


In this scenario I am running at 1Mbps and have configured the baud rate accordingly - the bus is very busy currently.. but using another product and tool I can see the message being sent as:


CAN id 600

Length 8

DATA 00 00 00 00 34 61 00


However I see no data from the example.. what simple thing am I doing wrong??

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I eventually got the code working with a peer review from a friend, who couldn't see anything wrong, he built it on his machine and then sent the bin which I flashed and it all worked ok.. Downgrading tivaware on my machine and rebuilding it - it then worked.. Need to have another play with this tonight..


Next problem was I was loosing messages - Don't know if I need to use more slots and fifo to cope with the volume of messages (@ 1Mbps) ?

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