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MSP430G2553 + SSD1306 OLED (I2C) + 5x8, 11x16, 16x24 and 24x36 fonts

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Edit 09.12.2016: I added Arial_16x24.h and Arial_24x40 (really a 24x36, but I had to keep a multiple of 8), digits only, created with GLCD Font Creator (I had to edit the result slightly manually). See images below. So I can confirm that adding any further fonts created with GLCD Font Creator works (I run it on Linux on wine BTW) and is only limited by how much fits into the





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How can I use this library with Energias Wire.h library?

As soon as I add Wire.h the display gets out of sync. But I need Wire.h to use another I2C module.


Do you know if replacing every I2C related instruction in the library with a function from Wire.h could help?

Is it possible to reduce a font to only support numbers by deleting the unneeded entries in the font header?


I am thankful for any help.

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I didn't try attaching any further I2C devices. I suggest you open a new topic for your problem. The solution will surely be helpful to others too.


Yes, you can delete the unneeded entries from the smaller fonts (the bigger fonts only have number already because they won't fit into this IC), but see the code for the bigger fonts and adjust it (basically change to s.charAt(j)-'0').

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On 2020/7/3 at AM12点35分, Rei Vilo said:

检查所选的I²C端口,有两个,它们与非ET和ET LaunchPad板不同。 

thanks for your reply! because I need to use wire.h, I give up this library  and find another way to run OLED.But I have another quesetion:what are the difference between Sortware I2C on LaunchPad(P2.1,P2.2) and other GPIOs that use software I2C? I try to use other GPIOs instead of P2.1,P2.2. Does energia  has the library about it? 

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15 hours ago, Rei Vilo said:

I’ve developed the Master I²C Software Library.

Please refer to the home page, the GitHub repository and the thread in this very forum. 

Thank you very much indeed!When I try to use SPI.h and Wire.h(even just #include <Wire.h> in the code), my progam has uncertain error while running.

And your library help me a lot,I needn't care about limited i2c resource and errors between SPI.h and Wire.h in energia.

By the way, I have searched  for software I2C library in 43oh  search bar, but I can not find satisfied information   in the previous  page.

I should search for this in Energia Libraries FORUMS at first next time.pages

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