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String conversion problem

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on MSP430G2553 mounted on  launchpad


I have a problem with converting an integer to a String:

  uint8_t x=10;
  uint8_t y=10;
  String xx =  String(x,DEC); 
  String yy =  String(y,DEC); 
  Serial.println (xx);
  Serial.println (yy);
with Energia Vers 0101E0012 the result is 10 for xx and 10 for yy
but i will to use Energia  V17 to  use LMP4 mode .
the result is garbage for the two converted value --> xxx (three characters) then CR then xxx(garbage three characters)
the other problem with Energia V 18 , i can not reprogram the chip (on Windows 9) error is : unable to find a device matching 0451:f432
The first problem is very strange for me. 
Is what someone can check.
Thanks in advance
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Energia stores strings to be sent over serial in a buffer and sends them after running an iteration through loop().

Best thing to do is stop using LPM4 (which kills off every clock domain) and see if things work.

Then, if things work, try using LPM1, then LPM3, not LPM4.

If you still have issues, the quickest solution is to delay a while after sending things over serial to make sure it's sent before going to low power mode.


The problem with your reprogramming of the chip (I assume you're trying to update the programmer, not the msp430 itself) is you're using Windows 9, which has never been released for consumers. Try either upgrading to Windows 10 or downgrading to Windows 7. If that doesn't work, try to reinstall the drivers or using a different USB port.

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