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Hello everyone, 


I'm doing a project using Tiva C 1294 and ESP8266 for wifi connection.


  1. I have done with connect Tiva C and ESP8266 via Serial. I also tested with AT commands of ESP8266. 
  2. My goal is to connect the Tiva C 1294 with Internet through Wifi ( not Ethernet connected).
  3. I've tested sucessfully the Temboo applications via Ethernet connected. However, when I change to ESP8266, I meet a lot of stucks. 
  4. ESP8266 is using AT commands to connect to Internet. Therefore, it totally different from CC3300 ( I dont' have chance to use it). 
  5. Energia doesn't support ESP8266 library. Hence, I have to write the code to manipulate it. 
  6. Attach File is the code that I wrote. Please help check it. I think problem is the void loop() function that implement the connect with Temboo. 


Does anyone have experience with Temboo and Tiva or maybe MSP430 connect to Internet via ESP8266 (AT commands) ? 

Thank you very much. 


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