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EasyLink CC1310 LP - Poor range ?

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I received my CC1310 LPs and started to play with them. After a correction (https://github.com/energia/cc13xx-core/issues/2) it was OK and I wanted to see the maximal distance I can let between the two LPs. But I am pretty disapointed : of course I'm in a urban zone (but not dense at all, I let a LP in front of a windows and walked throught the parking in front of it) and CC1310 LP antenna are PCB type so I'm conscious that the environnement and the hardware are not optimal at all, but max range I got was ~100m. I used easylink long range mode of course. Considering that in optimal conditions, TI announced 20 km range, the gap seems heavy.


Is it normal ?



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For the issue reported on github. Make sure that you update to the latest CC13xx core. It should be version 3.7.0 that is installed. With version 3.6.1 I was able to reproduce it. Hence your core needs an update to 3.7.0. You can do so through the board manager.


For the range issue. I'll get somebody from TI RF team to look at it. Just to make sure we are all looking at the same versions. Make sure that you install the latest core (3.7.0). It would be great if you could do a quick retest with that core.


Also, I discovered an issue in the platform.txt. The version number is wrong. If you install 1.0.1 it will still show as 1.0.0. I will push out an update in a couple hours. This update will also fix a couple other minor issues. None of them are range related though.

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