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Industrial / commercial sensors

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Basically, we're looking for a couple types of sensors that are prepackaged / enclosed, and are reliable. We need a light sensor, capable of detecting light levels, and a motion sensor(PiR perhaps ). This is in the short term. Later we plan on making our own sensors, but right now we need something that "just works".


There will be power at the location where the sensor will be, so how it's powered is not so much of a problem. But we need something that can communicate with a micro-controller via GPIO, and / or serial.


Has anyone had hands on with a good ready made solution ? If so what did you use ?

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Thanks, much appreciated. The person I'm doing this for actually found a fully enclosed sensor already. Short term what he found which is a 24v AC device that has an additional wire for 0-10vDC dependent on the light level. 0v being fully dark. Long term . . . we're not sure yet. I'm still doing a lot of research.

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By the way, this is the light level sensor we went with: http://www.acuitybrands.com/products/detail/147289/Sensor-Switch/CM-PC-ADC/Photocell-Dimming-Ceiling-Low-Volt


Kind of expensive at ~$140, but when you need it NOW, hehe you usually end up paying through the nose.


Eventually we may end up designing our own sensors, if there is a need . . . Problem is, finding good enclosures for a decent price.

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