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msp430G2553 do not start at 1.8V

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I currently use a MSP430G2553.

I want to know how to change the clock speed of 1 MHz soon starting the chip so that it can start to 1.8V  as supply voltage.

Currently this is not possible, it does not happen in the setup part, as the supply voltage is not> 2.4V.

Once started at the frequency of 1MHz (in setup) , it can run down  to 1.6V without problem.

Which file changes the working frequency of the chip (before setup)?

Thank you for your help

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The f_cpu variable in boards.txt file defines the clock speed of each board. F_CPU is passed into the startup code in wiring.c to configure the clocks.


If you're lucky, changing boards.txt is all that's needed. If not, you will have to dig into Energia source code. wiring.c can be found it in the hardware / cores / msp430 folders.


According to the G2553 datasheet page 21, 1.8V is the lowest supply voltage supported at up to 6 MHz. Even if your MCU runs down to 1.6V, I would not rely on it.


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