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MSP432 V.S Arduino for this kind of job.

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I'm doing my Senior design for undergraduate school which is developing an open source medical device using a microcontroller (Arduino or MSP432) with attached ECG, etc. circuits. Also, I am planning of including a LCD touchscreen that will display the recorded ECG signal. The main goal of this project is developing an open source medical device such that the user can add circuits to the microcontroller following the specification that I will develop. The circuits will be built up on top of each other using assigned pins.


So, for this kind of project which microcontroller you think is better, in terms of the popularity of the platform and reputation-consider the market.


Please make sure to specify which Arduino  is suitable.




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Difficult question. Arduino Zero is based on a Cortex-M0 and the MSP432 on a Cortex-M4.


Now, I'd say the main difference is about the framework.


Compared to Arduino, the MSP432 comes with Energia MT or Energia Multi-Tasking, based on TI-RTOS.


Please have a look at 

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