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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Guys, I have been trying to interface CC2500 with my G2 launchpad, i am unable to do so. i interfaced cc2500 with the default spi configuration given in the SPI library with Energia. P2.0 - CS (active low) P1.5 - SCLK P1.6 - MISO aka SOMI P1.7 - MOSI aka SIMO P19- GD0 GDO2 pin is hanging i found a library which i used to code, the code initially checks the value in the registers of cc2500 and serially prints it and matches it with the default values. i have attached the thumbnails of serial output. when my CS pin is connected i get "o" output for all reisters and when i leave it open i get "FFFFFF" what can i do to correct that.. here is the code i used: #include <cc2500_REG.h> #include <cc2500_VAL.h> #include <SPI.h> #define CC2500_IDLE 0x36 // Exit RX / TX, turn #define CC2500_TX 0x35 // Enable TX. If in RX state, only enable TX if CCA passes #define CC2500_RX 0x34 // Enable RX. Perform calibration if enabled #define CC2500_FTX 0x3B // Flush the TX FIFO buffer. Only issue SFTX in IDLE or TXFIFO_UNDERFLOW states #define CC2500_FRX 0x3A // Flush the RX FIFO buffer. Only issue SFRX in IDLE or RXFIFO_OVERFLOW states #define CC2500_TXFIFO 0x3F #define CC2500_RXFIFO 0x3F #define No_of_Bytes 3 const int buttonPin = 5; // the number of the pushbutton pin int buttonState = 0; // variable for reading the pushbutton status const int GDO0_PIN = 19; // the number of the GDO0_PIN pin int GDO0_State = 0; // variable for reading the pushbutton status int led = 2; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(SS,OUTPUT); pinMode(led, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(led, HIGH); SPI.begin(); digitalWrite(SS,HIGH); // initialize the pushbutton pin as an input: pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT); pinMode(GDO0_PIN, INPUT); Serial.println("Starting.."); init_CC2500(); Read_Config_Regs(); } void loop() { Serial.println("Starting.."); //Read_Config_Regs(); /* // To start transmission buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin); Serial.println(buttonState); while (!buttonState) { // read the state of the pushbutton value: buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin); Serial.println("PB = 0"); } Serial.println("BP = 1"); */ RxData_RF(); /* while (buttonState) { // read the state of the pushbutton value: buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin); Serial.println("PB = 1"); } */ } void RxData_RF(void) { int PacketLength; // RX: enable RX SendStrobe(CC2500_RX); GDO0_State = digitalRead(GDO0_PIN); // Serial.println("GDO0"); // Serial.println(GDO0_State); // Wait for GDO0 to be set -> sync received while (!GDO0_State) { // read the state of the GDO0_PIN value: GDO0_State = digitalRead(GDO0_PIN); //Serial.println("GD0 = 0"); delay(100); } // Wait for GDO0 to be cleared -> end of packet while (GDO0_State) { // read the state of the GDO0_PIN value: GDO0_State = digitalRead(GDO0_PIN); //Serial.println("GD0 = 1"); delay(100); } /* char rxbytes = ReadReg(0x3B); Serial.println("---------------------"); Serial.println("RX Bytes: "); Serial.println(rxbytes, HEX); Serial.println("---------------------"); */ char data1, data2; // Read length byte PacketLength = ReadReg(CC2500_RXFIFO); Serial.println("---------------------"); Serial.println(PacketLength,HEX); Serial.println(" Packet Received "); if(No_of_Bytes == PacketLength) { // Read data from RX FIFO and store in rxBuffer //for(int i = 1; i < PacketLength; i++) //{ data1 = ReadReg(CC2500_RXFIFO); Serial.println(data1,HEX); if(data1 = 0x09){ data2 = ReadReg(CC2500_RXFIFO); Serial.println(data2,HEX); if(data2 == 0x01 ){ //digitalWrite(led, LOW); } else{ //digitalWrite(led, HIGH); } } //Serial.println(ReadReg(CC2500_RXFIFO), HEX); //} Serial.println("---------------------"); } // Make sure that the radio is in IDLE state before flushing the FIFO // (Unless RXOFF_MODE has been changed, the radio should be in IDLE state at this point) SendStrobe(CC2500_IDLE); // Flush RX FIFO SendStrobe(CC2500_FRX); }// Rf RxPacket void WriteReg(char addr, char value) { digitalWrite(SS,LOW); while (digitalRead(MISO) == HIGH) { }; SPI.transfer(addr); delay(10); SPI.transfer(value); digitalWrite(SS,HIGH); } char ReadReg(char addr) { addr = addr + 0x80; digitalWrite(SS,LOW); while (digitalRead(MISO) == HIGH) { }; char x = SPI.transfer(addr); delay(10); char y = SPI.transfer(0); digitalWrite(SS,HIGH); return y; } char SendStrobe(char strobe) { digitalWrite(SS,LOW); while (digitalRead(MISO) == HIGH) { }; char result = SPI.transfer(strobe); digitalWrite(SS,HIGH); delay(10); return result; } void init_CC2500() { WriteReg(REG_IOCFG2,VAL_IOCFG2); WriteReg(REG_IOCFG1,VAL_IOCFG1); WriteReg(REG_IOCFG0,VAL_IOCFG0); WriteReg(REG_FIFOTHR,VAL_FIFOTHR); WriteReg(REG_SYNC1,VAL_SYNC1); WriteReg(REG_SYNC0,VAL_SYNC0); WriteReg(REG_PKTLEN,VAL_PKTLEN); WriteReg(REG_PKTCTRL1,VAL_PKTCTRL1); WriteReg(REG_PKTCTRL0,VAL_PKTCTRL0); WriteReg(REG_ADDR,VAL_ADDR); WriteReg(REG_CHANNR,VAL_CHANNR); WriteReg(REG_FSCTRL1,VAL_FSCTRL1); WriteReg(REG_FSCTRL0,VAL_FSCTRL0); WriteReg(REG_FREQ2,VAL_FREQ2); WriteReg(REG_FREQ1,VAL_FREQ1); WriteReg(REG_FREQ0,VAL_FREQ0); WriteReg(REG_MDMCFG4,VAL_MDMCFG4); WriteReg(REG_MDMCFG3,VAL_MDMCFG3); WriteReg(REG_MDMCFG2,VAL_MDMCFG2); WriteReg(REG_MDMCFG1,VAL_MDMCFG1); WriteReg(REG_MDMCFG0,VAL_MDMCFG0); WriteReg(REG_DEVIATN,VAL_DEVIATN); WriteReg(REG_MCSM2,VAL_MCSM2); WriteReg(REG_MCSM1,VAL_MCSM1); WriteReg(REG_MCSM0,VAL_MCSM0); WriteReg(REG_FOCCFG,VAL_FOCCFG); WriteReg(REG_BSCFG,VAL_BSCFG); WriteReg(REG_AGCCTRL2,VAL_AGCCTRL2); WriteReg(REG_AGCCTRL1,VAL_AGCCTRL1); WriteReg(REG_AGCCTRL0,VAL_AGCCTRL0); WriteReg(REG_WOREVT1,VAL_WOREVT1); WriteReg(REG_WOREVT0,VAL_WOREVT0); WriteReg(REG_WORCTRL,VAL_WORCTRL); WriteReg(REG_FREND1,VAL_FREND1); WriteReg(REG_FREND0,VAL_FREND0); WriteReg(REG_FSCAL3,VAL_FSCAL3); WriteReg(REG_FSCAL2,VAL_FSCAL2); WriteReg(REG_FSCAL1,VAL_FSCAL1); WriteReg(REG_FSCAL0,VAL_FSCAL0); WriteReg(REG_RCCTRL1,VAL_RCCTRL1); WriteReg(REG_RCCTRL0,VAL_RCCTRL0); WriteReg(REG_FSTEST,VAL_FSTEST); WriteReg(REG_PTEST,VAL_PTEST); WriteReg(REG_AGCTEST,VAL_AGCTEST); WriteReg(REG_TEST2,VAL_TEST2); WriteReg(REG_TEST1,VAL_TEST1); WriteReg(REG_TEST0,VAL_TEST0); /* WriteReg(REG_PARTNUM,VAL_PARTNUM); WriteReg(REG_VERSION,VAL_VERSION); WriteReg(REG_FREQEST,VAL_FREQEST); WriteReg(REG_LQI,VAL_LQI); WriteReg(REG_RSSI,VAL_RSSI); WriteReg(REG_MARCSTATE,VAL_MARCSTATE); WriteReg(REG_WORTIME1,VAL_WORTIME1); WriteReg(REG_WORTIME0,VAL_WORTIME0); WriteReg(REG_PKTSTATUS,VAL_PKTSTATUS); WriteReg(REG_VCO_VC_DAC,VAL_VCO_VC_DAC); WriteReg(REG_TXBYTES,VAL_TXBYTES); WriteReg(REG_RXBYTES,VAL_RXBYTES); WriteReg(REG_RCCTRL1_STATUS,VAL_RCCTRL1_STATUS); WriteReg(REG_RCCTRL0_STATUS,VAL_RCCTRL0_STATUS); */ } void Read_Config_Regs(void) { Serial.println("Configuration registers"); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_IOCFG2),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_IOCFG1),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_IOCFG0),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FIFOTHR),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_SYNC1),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_SYNC0),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_PKTLEN),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_PKTCTRL1),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_PKTCTRL0),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_ADDR),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_CHANNR),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FSCTRL1),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FSCTRL0),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FREQ2),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FREQ1),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FREQ0),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_MDMCFG4),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_MDMCFG3),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_MDMCFG2),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_MDMCFG1),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_MDMCFG0),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_DEVIATN),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_MCSM2),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_MCSM1),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_MCSM0),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FOCCFG),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_BSCFG),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_AGCCTRL2),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_AGCCTRL1),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_AGCCTRL0),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_WOREVT1),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_WOREVT0),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_WORCTRL),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FREND1),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FREND0),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FSCAL3),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FSCAL2),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FSCAL1),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FSCAL0),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_RCCTRL1),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_RCCTRL0),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FSTEST),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_PTEST),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_AGCTEST),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_TEST2),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_TEST1),HEX); delay(10); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_TEST0),HEX); delay(10); /* Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_PARTNUM),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_VERSION),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_FREQEST),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_LQI),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_RSSI),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_MARCSTATE),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_WORTIME1),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_WORTIME0),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_PKTSTATUS),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_VCO_VC_DAC),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_TXBYTES),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_RXBYTES),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_RCCTRL1_STATUS),HEX); delay(1000); Serial.println(ReadReg(REG_RCCTRL0_STATUS),HEX); delay(1000); */ }
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