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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, One of our customers has reported the problem while using CC3100 with MSP432P401R. The problem is as follows. I am using the MSP-432P401R with the CC3100BOOST and I am running the Energia sketch CreateAPModeWebServer.ino(file attached). I modified it just in line 114-118 in order to let me connect before it stops working. I switched from CC3120 to CC3100 because when using the CC3120 I never got an IP or MAC address after I connected to the network.The problem seems to be in line 147: WiFiClient myClient = myServer.available(); That line is never executed. When I click „suspend“, ccs jumps into the file socket.c to line 717: VERIFY_PROTOCOL(Msg.Rsp.sd == sd); It seems that this line is where the program stops for whatever reason. Could you kindly guide me with this? socket.c CreateAPModeWebServer.txt
  2. Been working on an application that would: 1. Start the CC3200 and setup a webserver on on port 80. 2. The user connects to the WiFi networks created by the CC3200 and subsequently this webserver and enters their network credentials. 3. The CC3200 parses these credentials and stores it in a buffer called credential_buffer and the SSID and password are pointed to by accSSID and accPWD. I now want to use these credentials to connect to the users WiFi network and this is where I run aground. I swtich the CC3200 from the AP to STN mode using sl_WlanSetMode(ROLE_STA) but that does not seem to be working. Any ideas? The code is listed below: EDIT: I kinda found the solution here: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/6250-cc3200-cant-connect-to-wlan-after-being-set-as-ap/. However, this is not implemented in the recent Energia release. Any particular reason? // AP credentials. const char ssid[] = "MyCC3200AP"; const char wifipw[] = "password"; // Buffer for the new credentials acquired from the user. char credential_buffer[MAX_STORE_BUFFER_LEN]; // pointers to the actual credential values in the buffer char *accSSID; char *accPWD; boolean isConnected; boolean connectCompleteFlag = false; WiFiServer server(SERVER_PORT); // Server port is defined as 80 void setup() { byte counter; unsigned long t_time; // Begin serial comms. Serial.begin(115200); // Switch OFF all LaunchPad LEDs. pinMode(RED_LED, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(RED_LED, LOW); pinMode(GREEN_LED, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(GREEN_LED, LOW); pinMode(YELLOW_LED, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(YELLOW_LED, LOW); // Setup an AP. Serial.print("Setting up Access Point named: "); Serial.println(ssid); Serial.print("AP uses WPA and password is: "); Serial.println(wifipw); WiFi.beginNetwork((char *)ssid, (char *)wifipw); while (WiFi.localIP() == INADDR_NONE) { // print dots while we wait for the AP config to complete Serial.print('.'); delay(500); } Serial.println("AP active."); // start the web server on port 80 server.begin(); Serial.print("Webserver started on http://"); Serial.print( WiFi.localIP() ); Serial.print(" port: "); Serial.println(SERVER_PORT); Serial.println("\n"); // Let the user connect to the webserver and enter their network credentials. // We exit this loop with the credentials stored in credential_buffer while (!connectCompleteFlag) { connectClient(); // This function reads credentials from the user and stores them in the credential_buffer. } // Try to connect to the new WiFi network counter = 0; // Disconnect first, if currently connected sl_WlanDisconnect(); sl_WlanSetMode(ROLE_STA); Serial.print("Attempting to connect to WiFi network..."); // Open connection to WiFi WiFi.begin(accSSID, accPWD); while ( WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) { Serial.print("."); delay(500); counter++; if(counter==10) { break; } } if(counter==10) { Serial.println("\nUnable to connect to wifi"); isConnected = false; failure_state(); // This function just blinks the red LED at 1 sec intervals indefinitely. } Serial.println("\nConnected to wifi"); isConnected = true; // Try to get local IP Serial.print("Waiting for IP..."); t_time = millis(); while( WiFi.localIP() == INADDR_NONE ) { Serial.print("."); delay(500); if( ( millis() - t_time ) > 5000 ) { Serial.println("Timeout! Unable to get IP..."); failure_state(); } } // Print out local IP Serial.print("\nMy IP is: "); Serial.println( WiFi.localIP() ); }
  3. Hi, I am working on a project that reads the values from the weighing machine and the data is then sent to cc3200 web server from where a client can access the data. For dynamic change of data on web page i am refreshing the page at 0.5 seconds.Everything is working as expected. Now the new requirement is that a user has to enter some predefined value on web page and after that the further calculation is to be done. I am unable to do so.How to Enter any value on web page and then obtain that value in my code and then do further processing.
  4. I am not sure if i am doing something wrong or if i have my environment setup wrong.. I have just pulled down and done a build of energia ( git clone https://github.com/energia/Energia.git /opt/energia.build && cd /opt/energia.build/build && ant linux64-build && ant linux64-run) It seemed to work fine when my daughter and I wrote her little whiskerbot, when I try to load up the sample simpleWebServer prog, i get compile errors. Here is what i have worked through so far - but now my limited C++ skills are shining through.. $ diff /opt/energia.build/libraries/SimplelinkWifi/examples/simpleWebServer/simpleWebServer.ino ~/sketchbook/simpleWebServerTEST/simpleWebServerTEST.ino 1,6c1 < // Enter here the name (=SSID) and password of your WiFi LAN < < #define WLAN_SSID "energia" // cannot be longer than 32 characters! < #define WLAN_PASS "supersecret" < < /* --- > /* 24c19,22 < #include "WiFi.h" --- > //#include "WiFi.h" > #include "/opt/energia.build/libraries/SimplelinkWifi/WiFi.h" > #include "/opt/energia.build/libraries/SimplelinkWifi/utility/SimplelinkWifi.h" > #include "/opt/energia.build/libraries/SimplelinkWifi/TCPserver.h" // TROUBLESHOOT - dont know if i need this. 26,27c24,25 < char ssid[] = WLAN_SSID; // your network SSID (name) < char pass[] = WLAN_PASS; // your network SSID (name) --- > char ssid[] = "mah-ssid"; // your network SSID (name) > char pass[] = "mah-passphrase"; // your WPA passphrase 36,39c34,39 < WiFi.setCSpin(18); // 18: P2_2 @ F5529, PE_0 @ LM4F/TM4C < WiFi.setENpin(2); // 2: P6_5 @ F5529, PB_5 @ LM4F/TM4C < WiFi.setIRQpin(19); // 19: P2_0 @ F5529, PB_2 @ LM4F/TM4C < --- > // WiFi.setCSpin(P2_2); // changing these to match up with the cc3000BOOST pinout > // WiFi.setENpin(P6_5); > // WiFi.setIRQpin(P2_0); > WiFi.setCSpin(PE_0); > WiFi.setENpin(PB_5); > WiFi.setIRQpin(PB_2); here are my compile errors: simpleWebServer.cpp.o: In function `printWifiData()': /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:207: undefined reference to `WiFiClass::localIP()' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:213: undefined reference to `WiFiClass::macAddress(unsigned char*)' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:228: undefined reference to `WiFiClass::firmwareVersion()' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:234: undefined reference to `WiFiClass::subnetMask()' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:239: undefined reference to `WiFiClass::gatewayIP()' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:244: undefined reference to `WiFiClass::SSID()' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:247: undefined reference to `WiFiClass::hostByName(char const*, IPAddress&)' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:254: undefined reference to `WiFi' simpleWebServer.cpp.o: In function `setup': /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:37: undefined reference to `WiFiClass::setCSpin(unsigned char)' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:38: undefined reference to `WiFiClass::setENpin(unsigned char)' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:39: undefined reference to `WiFiClass::setIRQpin(unsigned char)' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:50: undefined reference to `WiFiClass::begin(char*, char const*)' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:52: undefined reference to `WiFiServer::begin()' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:59: undefined reference to `WiFi' simpleWebServer.cpp.o: In function `__static_initialization_and_destruction_0': /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:27: undefined reference to `WiFiServer::WiFiServer(unsigned short)' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:28: undefined reference to `WiFiClient::WiFiClient()' simpleWebServer.cpp.o: In function `loop': /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:63: undefined reference to `WiFiServer::available()' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:65: undefined reference to `WiFiClient::operator bool()' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:68: undefined reference to `WiFiClient::connected()' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:70: undefined reference to `WiFiClient::available()' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:71: undefined reference to `WiFiClient::read()' /opt/energia.build/build/linux/work/simpleWebServer.ino:107: undefined reference to `WiFiClient::stop()' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status Is my environment misconfigured or am i just jumping the gun with the SimpleLink stuff and should cool down while you guys work on it? edited for typos.
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