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Found 6 results

  1. I was trying to port a sketch that used the Serial port with non standard UART parity and character length to Energia. I noticed that the UART port isn't setup to handle anything except 8-N-1. While the code below can't do all the combinations that are available to the atmega, it can do 7/8 bit, even/odd parity and 1/2 stop bits. I created a patch that will at least fix it for the chip I am using (msp430g2553). It will need some work for other chips. Apply the attached patch to the source of the latest Energia source tree. (as of 11/11/2015) -rick (See new optional second parameter
  2. Hello! I am compiling the following code through CCS 6.1.3, it is an imported sketch first then I add some thing else for it. But it seems It stuck in the setup function because it goes to LPM4 when it tries to use any USCI related function( For example: Wire.begin(),write to ()). Can some one help me with it? Thanks. The attach file is the ino file from energia 17 and the following is the Code? The uc is MSP430F5529, and it is trying to use I2C to communicate with ADXL345, UART to communicate with ESP8266. The reset is ADC stuff. And we have a button to do some control. Each of these par
  3. I have a problem with I2C and the MSP430G2553. Here is my Code: #include <msp430g2553.h> const unsigned char Init[] = {0xAE,0x81,0x07,0x20,0x01,0x21,0x00,0x7F,0x22,0x00,0x07,0x40,0xA0,0xA8,0x3F,0xC0,0xD3,0x00,0x8D,0x14,0xDA,0x12,0xD5,0x80,0xD9,0x22,0xDB,0x20,0xA6,0xA4,0xAF}; const unsigned char Mod[] = {0xA5}; void printC(const unsigned char* Array, unsigned int length){ UCB0CTL1 = UCSWRST; UCB0CTL0 = UCMODE_3 + UCMST + UCSYNC; // I2C master mode UCB0CTL1 = UCSSEL_2 + UCSWRST; // Use SMCLK, keep SW reset UCB0BR0 = 0x40; // < 100 kHz UCB0I2CSA =
  4. Someone can helpme, i'm taking incorrect readings of a magnetometer I believe with the problem are in my i2c code implementation. /* * Print all printable characters on usb channel using UART mode of USCI module * the print is based in busy wait to transfer characters */ #include "msp/msp430g2553.h" void configureDCO(); void configureUART(); void putc(char); void print (const char[]); void print (short); void printStatus(); main() { configureDCO(); configureUART(); UCB0CTL1 = UCSWRST; //Reset USCI UCB0CTL0 = // USCI_B0 control register UCMST
  5. I'm relatively new to the MSP430 and microcontroller world. I have a MSP430G2553 and am interfacing to a MMA8453Q accelerometer. I have this working on a MSP430G2231 using USI and now want to move to a MSP430G2553 with USCI. I took the samples from slaa382 for master and master with repeated start from TI and modified the basic master code to what I thought would provide me a repeated start option. I'm just trying to read back the "whoami" register but I think something is wrong with my repeated start implementation, could someone advise me on this? I've got 10k pull ups on the clock and
  6. I've been banging my head against the wall trying to get even the most basic USCI I2C slave examples working with the g2553. I'm using a Bus Pirate (which acts as a i2c master) at 100Khz to send bytes to the g2553 (slave). I'm using an untouched example from slac485a (Examples for MSP430g2xx3) -- msp430g2xx3_uscib0_i2c_09.c .. Here it is below (since it's fairly short): //****************************************************************************** // MSP430G2xx3 Demo - USCI_B0 I2C Slave RX multiple bytes from MSP430 Master // // Description: This demo connects two MSP430's via the I2C
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