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Found 9 results

  1. Hello community, I'm newbie in the forum. Well the issue is I've been looking for a TLC5940 library that is compatible with the CC3200 launchpad. I tried to modify the PaulStoffregen library pin_outs and add the CC3200 pins, but I can't find the OC1A, OC1B and OC2B for Xtal, Blank and GSC, someone who can help me???
  2. I am working on a breakout / test board for a TLC5940 that I got in one of those HTSSOP-28 packages, with the little metal back that you're supposed to attach to a copper area using thermal vias and use as heat sink. My question is: is there a way for me to "hand solder" that part without reflowing the board? Will it work if I try to heat it from the back of the board with a soldering iron, or is the copper area too large and it will never heat up to a point where the solder melts? Would some flux maybe help? Should I just wack some thermal paste between board and component and not even
  3. TLC5940 driver for Tiva / Stellaris. Uses 2 Timers, SSI, and DMA. SPI runs @ 20MHz, GSCLK @ 8MHz, update occurs every ~0.5ms Up to 16 TLC5940s can be daisy chained (in theory, I tested only 2.) main.cstartup_ccs.c
  4. Hello everyone! I'm pretty new here and I would like to ask if can someone provide a correct wiring schematic for TLC5940 to MSP430G2553? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello everyone! I'm continuing my project of creating an RGB LED matrix capable of displaying live images being transmitted from a laptop via a serial cable to the MSP430G2553. At the moment, I'm coding four 8x8 Common Anode RGB LED matrices joined together to create a 16x16 display. Hardware I'm using: - 3 * TLC5940s (one for each colour) - 2 * 74HC595 shift registers (drives the columns/anodes) I'm using code provided by RobG from this link <http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2315-tlc5940-examples/> and this one <http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3328-rgb-to-hsv-conversion-with
  6. Hello! I know I've been posting loads of problems which you have all been very helpful with and I appreciate it. I'm at the last stage in my project where I have to send an image as a byte array (values from 0-255) via serial communication, use H/W UART to receive bytes and map them onto my RGB LED display to create the image. I've configured the UART at 115200 BAUD, clock at 18MHz, I'm using the UCA0 ISR routine to map the received bytes into a 3D array "image[8][8][3]" where the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd terms are row, column, RGB component, respectively. I am seeing results on the display whe
  7. Hi people! Basically I'm writing a function to control a 16x16 RGB LED matrix with serial communication. The function I'm writing requires an array of size 16x16 ( hueBuffer[16][16] ) and of type 'short' since the max value of hue is 359. However, I keep getting an error: "program will not fit into available memory. run placement with alignment fails for section "DATA_GROUP" size 0x23d" but there is plenty of memory on the G2553. I need the values of hue to go up to 360 so i cant use unsigned chars. Anyone know of a solution to this problem? I'll post the code if you wa
  8. I can not do msp430g2553, working with a TLC5940, is there any library for it?
  9. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has used this algorithm with the G2231 before? I'm trying to use it but I keep getting an error message saying: "program will not fit into available memory. placement with alignment fails for section ".text" size 0x142e ." The reason I am trying to implement this is so I can represent exact colours for RGB LEDS in a large-ish matrix. Does anyone know a method to decrease the amount of memory being consumed by this algorithm, or increase the amount of memory allocated to ".text"? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Here is the code I
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