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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, as my diploma thesis I'm writting MSP430 simulator called QSimKit. It's not finished yet, but it's in state when it's starting to be useful and I would like to get more people to test it, share their opinions, find bugs and basically to create community of people interested in MSP430 simulation. Releases: Version 0.0.3 (2014-02-04), Changelog At first some facts about QSimKit: It's written under GPLv2+ in C++/Qt, has been tested on Linux or Windows together with msp430gcc. It supports peripherals (as plugins) written in C++ or Python. Currently there's LED, oscillator, button and HD44708 LCD (not fully implemented yet). MCUs are plugins too and theoretically it's possible to add support for more MCUs (not just MSP430). It can support all MSP430 variants, but only few are supported right now, because I haven't created package data for all MSP430 variants yet. In graphical user interface (Check screenshot), you can do following: Add peripherals, connect them to MCU. See the source code of program you are simulating together with Dwarf debugging data (you can see the value of local variables for example) and current instruction. Step the simulation, add breakpoints based on PC register or value of memory. Track pins in oscilloscope-like view. See the registers and other important values from MCU (frequency, BasicClock registers, ...) MSP430 MCU plugin can do following: Load ELF/A43 code. Supports all instructions. Supports BasicClock module (TImerA/TimerB). Support for USCI-SPI [NEW in 0.0.3] Support for USART-SPI [NEW in 0.0.3] Initial USI support (just SPI mode). Peripherals: Button LCD - HD44708 (only initial support) LED Crystal Oscillator SD Card (only initial support) [NEW in 0.0.2] As I stated earlier, it's not finished yet, but some testers to help me testing are welcome. I can also help anyone who would like to help with development. There is no development documentation yet, but if you tell me what you would like to do, I can write relevant docs to help you. If you think you have found a bug or you have some feature request, please create ticket on GitHub, I don't want this forum thread to be an issue tracker. You can also find me on IRC in #qsimkit at freenode or as HanzZ in #43oh channel.
  2. I'm trying to control a hexapod, 18 servos, no other sensors for now, using the matlab/simulink interface and a launchpad. Has anyone done this that may know of a beginner walk through for like a robtic arm, or a simple rolling bot? I've already done a simple one using Arduino, but I'm fond of the Launchpad.
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