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Found 6 results

  1. http://youtu.be/I0JuGvbfIIE http://boosterbot.in https://github.com/Hylian/BoosterBot http://hackaday.io/project/1845-BoosterBot Here's a BoosterPack that @@szhao, jwp071, and I are working on. It's a BoosterPack that turns a 40-pin Launchpad into a fully functional robot. It has two Micro Metal Gearmotors from Pololu driven by a DRV8833 motor driver IC and has five QRE1113 reflectance sensors from Fairchild for line tracking. It also has breakouts for a Sharp IR distance sensor and a servo. For power, a 3xAAA battery holder fits between the LP headers, which powers the 3.3V and 5V pins, as well as 9V for the motors. No pictures yet, as I'm in the middle of routing the board. I'll post updates as they come. Edit 6/30: A picture of the board in progress: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/538662/robot-boosterpack.png You can see the motor mounts at the far end. Edit 7/1: Quick update: https://dl.dropboxus...oosterpack2.png The five sensors up at the front are reflectance sensors on the bottom of the board for line tracking and maze solving. The middle three are for PID line following, and the two at the edges are for recognizing splits in the track
  2. Since I am working on the Robotics Boosterpack with @@HylianSavior and @@jwp071, I decided to make a prototype with the box LaunchPad comes with. I've used Firmata to send command to LaunchPad. Check out my other post here. A quick overview of what's inside. Hardware - G2 LaunchPad Box - MSP430F5529LP - Fuel Tank Boosterpack - DRV8833 Motor Drive Control - HC-06 Bluetooth - Pololu Gear Motor - Caps, wires, breadboard Software - Firmata over serial (enabled by Bluetooth) - Energia Library on LP - NodeJS on PC
  3. Just thought I would put this here for now. I'm currently working on assembling the PCB that I have right now. It uses just about all of the pins, which means that it can't really work with any other boards, and technically isn't a BoosterPack because of the form factor, but I digress. Because the resolution of the image that I have is too large, here's a link.
  4. Using my RedBot BoosterPack I have created a small remote control robot. The motors + chassis costs $15 from SparkFun so it's a pretty low cost solution to get started in robotics. On the controller side I use the CC1101L for wireless communication and the Educational BoosterPack MKII for the joystick. The F5529 LaunchPad simply reads the joystick value and decides which way the robot should move and transmits the data using the CC1101L. Here is a picture of the controller, note the CC1101L is on the bottom of the LaunchPad to make the joystick easy to use. On the robot side the F5529 LaunchPad is connected to the CC1101L BoosterPack to receive the data from the joystick. It then uses the RedBot BoosterPack to control the robot. The GitHub repository is located here, which includes hardware + software. The remote control code isn't uploaded yet but will be once I clean it up. And now a video of it in action (phone quality).
  5. I have finished my first revision of the RedBot BoosterPack. For those that don't know SparkFun has a robotics kit they call the "RedBot". Which is basically an Arduino, robot chassis and a bunch of sensors. This BoosterPack basically replaces the Arduino and allows you to plug in your favorite 40-pin LaunchPad to interact with the hardware. Check out my GitHub link below for more information on the differences. SparkFun sells the robot chassis and motors for $15 on its website, using it with this BoosterPack and a LaunchPad is a low cost way to get into robotics. I have started to port the Arduino library to Energia and currently have support for the motors. The GitHub project below has a lot more info and the current project status. GitHub: https://github.com/zlalanne/redbot-boosterpack The BoosterPack by itself: The BoosterPack + F5529 LaunchPad mounted to the robot chassis. The chassis from SparkFun includes all screws + standoffs to mount correctly Sideview of the BoosterPack + F5529 LaunchPad mounted to the robot chassis
  6. I'm trying to control a hexapod, 18 servos, no other sensors for now, using the matlab/simulink interface and a launchpad. Has anyone done this that may know of a beginner walk through for like a robtic arm, or a simple rolling bot? I've already done a simple one using Arduino, but I'm fond of the Launchpad.
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