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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I hope this is the right forum to post in, I'm a new user here... So, I have been trying to get the RFM12b module to work with my MSP430F5529. The connections are as follows for transmission: VDD --> 3.3V GND--> GND SDO-->P6.5 nIRQ-->P3.4 nSEL-->P3.3 SCK-->P1.6 SDI-->P6.6 Now, I have the following code, in which I only configure the module and try to read its status register: #include "main.h" void WriteCMD(unsigned int CMD); void Write1(); void Write0(); int check_status(); void main() { //init ports P6DIR |= BIT5; //set SDO as output on P6.5 P3DIR &= ~BIT4; //set nIRQ as input on P3.4 P3REN |= BIT4; P3DIR |= BIT3; //set nSEL as output on P3.3 P1DIR |= BIT6; //set SCK as output on P1.6 P6DIR &= ~BIT6; //set SDI as input on P6.6 P6REN &= ~BIT6; //init rfm12b WriteCMD(0x80D8);//enable register,433MHz,12.5pF WriteCMD(0x82D8);//enable receive,!PA WriteCMD(0xA640);// WriteCMD(0xC647);// WriteCMD(0x94A0);//VDI,FAST,134kHz,0dBm,-103dBm WriteCMD(0xC2AC); WriteCMD(0XCC77);// WriteCMD(0xCA80); WriteCMD(0xCA83);//FIFO8,SYNC, WriteCMD(0xC49B); WriteCMD(0x9850);//!mp,9810=30kHz,MAX OUT WriteCMD(0xE000);//NOT USE WriteCMD(0xC800);//NOT USE WriteCMD(0xC000);//1.0MHz,2.2V //statusregister auslesen int cnt = 16; int result = 0; int temp = 0; P3OUT &= ~BIT3; //set nSEL low P6OUT &= ~BIT5; //set SDO low while(cnt--) { __delay_cycles(10); temp = P6IN; temp = temp <<2; result |= temp; result = result <<1; P1OUT |= BIT6; // set SCK high __delay_cycles(10); __no_operation(); P1OUT &= ~BIT6; //set SCK low __delay_cycles(10); P3OUT |= BIT3; //set nSEL high; } __no_operation(); while(1) { __no_operation(); result= result-1; result = result+1; } } void WriteCMD( unsigned int CMD ) { unsigned char n=16; P1OUT &= ~ BIT6; //set SCK low P3OUT &= ~BIT3; //set nSEL low, selecting the rfm12b __delay_cycles(10); while(n--) { if(CMD&0x8000) { Write1(); } else { Write0(); } CMD=CMD<<1; } P1OUT &= ~ BIT6; //set SCK low P3OUT |= BIT3; //set nSEL high, deselecting the rfm12b __delay_cycles(10); } void Write0 (void) { P1OUT &= ~BIT6; //set SCK low __delay_cycles(10); P6OUT &= ~BIT5; //set SDO low __delay_cycles(10); P1OUT |= BIT6; //set SCK high, rfm now reads SDO __delay_cycles(10); P1OUT &= ~BIT6; //set SCK low } void Write1(void) { P1OUT &= ~BIT6; //set SCK low __delay_cycles(10); P6OUT |= BIT5; //set SDO high __delay_cycles(10); P1OUT |= BIT6; //set SCK high, rfm now reads SDO __delay_cycles(10); P1OUT &= ~BIT6; //set SCK low } Now, the status register should read "0x4000", but I always get "0xFFF8" and this makes me nervous. I have also tried simply connecting two modules and sending data between the two with a bit different programms, but that also didn't yield any results. Can anyone here help me? I've been to the 10th site of Google search results and haven't found anything that could help me. I got my instructions from the following site: https://gobotronics.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/rfm12-programming/. Thanks in advance!
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