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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I found an Arduino library for tea5767 module. Has anyone tried to import it on Energia IDE or at least has an idea about how can I do this? I work with msp430g2553. Please help me!! https://github.com/andykarpov/TEA5767
  2. TI Launchpad with MSP430G2553 @ 1 MHz and AIR Booster Pack with Anaren LR09A (CC110L [the light version of CC1101] with 27 MHz xtal and 900 MHz PCB antenna). http://www.ti.com/product/MSP430G2553 http://www.ti.com/tool/msp-exp430g2 http://www.ti.com/tool/430boost-cc110l https://www.anaren.com/air/air-boosterpack http://www.ti.com/product/CC110L The following code is supposed to send a single byte with OOK at 868 MHz. After choosing the correct XTAL frequency and removing "hidden" settings CRC_EN and APPEND_STATUS from the output of SMARTRF Studio 7 (note it also outputs invalid value 0x127 for RESERVED @ 0x2A -> see the datasheet, the default 0x7F is erroneously output as decimal), the byte is being sent, but if the last bit is set, an additional bit is added to that it has twice the intended bit time. See the attached resulting waveform for 0xB1 (0b10110001), recorded as AF with rtl-sdr / SDR# and shown in Audacity. Are there any settings that could cause this? Am I doing anything wrong? The Errata only mention sending a byte twice. #include <msp430.h> #include "stdint.h" #include "stdbool.h" // Anaren AIR booster pack with LR09A (868/9xx MHz) // CC110L #define GDO2_BIT BIT0 // P1 #define SCLK_BIT BIT5 // P1 #define MISO_BIT BIT6 // P1 #define MOSI_BIT BIT7 // P1 #define GDO0_BIT BIT6 // P2 #define CSN_BIT BIT7 // P2 // 2553 //#define LEDrd_BIT BIT0 // P1 #define RX_BIT BIT1 // P1 #define TX_BIT BIT2 // P1 #define button_BIT BIT3 // P1 //#define LEDgn_BIT BIT6 // P1 uint8_t status; uint8_t test; uint8_t softSPI( uint8_t write ) { uint8_t read = 0; P1OUT &= ~(SCLK_BIT); uint8_t n; for(n=8; n--{ // OUT if (write & 1<<n){ P1OUT |= MOSI_BIT; } else{ P1OUT &= ~(MOSI_BIT); } // CLOCK P1OUT |= SCLK_BIT; // IN if (P1IN & MISO_BIT){ read |= 1<<n; } P1OUT &= ~(SCLK_BIT); } return read; } uint8_t CC( bool rw, bool burst, uint8_t address, uint8_t data ) { uint8_t header = (rw<<7) // |(burst<<6) // |(address & 0x3F) // 0x00 to 0x2E. ; P2OUT &= ~(CSN_BIT); while(P1IN & MISO_BIT); /*uint8_t*/ status = softSPI(header); uint8_t read = softSPI(data); P2OUT |= CSN_BIT; return read; } uint8_t CS( bool rw, uint8_t address ) { uint8_t header = (rw<<7) // //|(0<<6) // |(address & 0x3D) // 0x30 through 0x3D). ; P2OUT &= ~(CSN_BIT); while(P1IN & MISO_BIT); uint8_t status = softSPI(header); P2OUT |= CSN_BIT; return status; } int main(void) { // Stop watchdog timer WDTCTL = WDTPW | WDTHOLD; BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_1MHZ; DCOCTL = CALDCO_1MHZ; // serial P1DIR = TX_BIT; P2DIR = 0; // CC110x soft-SPI P1DIR |= (MOSI_BIT | SCLK_BIT); P2OUT |= CSN_BIT; P2DIR |= (CSN_BIT); P2SEL &= ~(CSN_BIT); P2SEL2 &= ~(CSN_BIT); // Manual Reset // Set SCLK = 1 and SI = 0. P1OUT |= (SCLK_BIT); P1OUT &= ~(MOSI_BIT); // Strobe CSn low / high. //P2OUT &= ~(CSN_BIT); //P2OUT |= CSN_BIT; // Hold CSn low and then high for at least 40
  3. Hi, I am designing a remote controlled system using an arduino uno board and a msp430 launchpad with the ASK RF module (HT12E and HT12D ICs). I am using the msp430 as the transmitter and the arduino uno for the reciever because of requirements of my application. Being familiar with Arduino, i am trying to use energia to program the msp430 with the VirtualWire library. #include <VirtualWire.h> int button = P2_2; int transmit_pin = P2_1; int a,counter=0; char msg[4]; void setup() { vw_set_tx_pin(transmit_pin); vw_setup(2000); // Bits per sec pinMode(button,INPUT); } void loop() { Serial.begin(9600); a=digitalRead(button); itoa(a,msg,10); Serial.println(a); if(a==1) counter=counter+1; vw_send((uint8_t *)msg, strlen(msg)); vw_wait_tx(); Serial.println("success"); delay(1000); } This code, when used on the arduino, compiles, uploads and executes succesfully. The transmitter board LED blinks to indicate successful transmission of data. But when i use it on energia, there is an error- any suggestions to get through with this error. Or if the same code can be implemented using another library. Cheers!
  4. Anton Veretenenko created a simple FM Radio with a TEA5767 compatible chip. The RDA5807P is an I2C (Or spi) controlled FM Radio Tuner. He used a generic AC Powered PC Speaker, added a 3.3v regulator, a rotary encoder, and stuffed it in. The post and code don't mention it, but from the pictures, the stated 2kb limit, and the use of USI, it's using the G2231 on a v1.4 Launchpad. Blog Post: http://blog.avrnoob.com/2013/10/ti-launchpad-rda5807p-tea5767-fm-radio.html Code Repo: http://code.avrnoob.com/ti-launchpad-fm-radio Similar to @@juani_c project: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2359-fm-radio/
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