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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone! I've just received a Tiva C launchpad and was wondering if you are able to write C code in Energia or if you have to use their Processing-based language? And if not, is there a way to use just write C code on Mac OS X (with or without an IDE) and upload it to the device? After a quick search of this forum and Google, most C compilers are meant for a Windows environment and I haven't been able to find much information for OS X other than Energia or possibly embedXCode. Thanks, Miles
  2. Hello, Uploading a sketch on OSX 10.13.6 will not succeed. I have replaced mspdebug with version 0.22 (was 0.24). The *.hex file exists and is readable. Any thoughts? Energia: 1.8.7E20 (Mac OS X), Board: "MSP-EXP430G2 w/ MSP430G2553" ... MSPDebug version 0.22 - debugging tool for MSP430 MCUs ... Trying to open interface 1 on 020 Initializing FET... FET protocol version is 30394216 Set Vcc: 3000 mV Configured for Spy-Bi-Wire Sending reset... Device ID: 0x2553 Code start address: 0xc000 Code size : 16384 byte = 16 k
  3. Hello. New here and having trouble getting my Mac Mini (10.12) to recognise the 3200 LauchpadXL. Other non-TI boards and FTDI adaptors show up fine in Arduino/Energia. Anybody got experience of why the port would not show? No obvious devices are showing in /dev Many thanks.
  4. Hello, now I've updated OSX to 10.9.2, problems with serial port are solved, now I've another nasty problem: On some circumstances I get kernel panic while uploading or even open energia with launchpad tiva connected. Under 10.6. i didn't have kernel panic once. This problem also occurs on the the arduino IDE, but might be solved with 1.5.2 r2: Fixed in 1.5.6 by replacing RXTX with JSSC So do energia using RXTX or JSSC? Here is the issue from github: https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/issues/350 https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/issues/1656
  5. Hey All - pretty new here to Energia, but have run across an issue that I can't seem to troubleshoot. I'm running the following: OSX 10.9.4 with Energia 0101E0012 Stellaris Launchpad LM4F120H5QR The first upload always works fine, but following uploads to the device will randomly restart OSX. No warning, just a momentary mouse freeze, black screen and system restart when the progress bar gets to 50%. Serial Port is dev/tty.usbmodem0E102F71 (only option available). Bluetooth is turned off. This has occurred with all different types of 'code' as well - from built in examples to thin
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