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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am a long time Arduino user, and I was tempted by the $20 price on the newest "Connected" launchpad TM4C1294XL. Seemed mighty powerful for the price! So I am basicly a noob only when it comes to this platform, and I've been going thru the tutorials and 'getting started' videos and I'm still stuck. First of all, I am trying to get started and the "Blink" example does not work on this board. Apparently because whatever I/O pin that Energia maps as "RED_LED" is not the same as any of the I/O pins that drive the 4 LEDS on my TM4C1294XL board. According to the docs for my board, the LEDs are connected to GPIO pins PN0, PN1, PF4, and PF0. This board has a heckuva lot of I/O pins. How are they all numbered/named in Energia? I've tried all sorts of numbers and names and either it doesn't compile because it's not recognized, or it compiles but the lights don't actually blink. It apparently uploads as it seems to have overwritten the Exosite demo app that came pre-loaded on the board. Likewise, I can't get the "Hello" example to work either. No text is received in the terminal. Checked baud rate, com port, hit reset, etc. And likewise, I can't get "Blinky" or "Hello" to work in Code Composer either. No errors that appear fatal. At this point, I'm not sure if my board even works. I have not been able to get either the blinky or hello world sketches to work, either in Energia, or Code Composer. I'm not entirely sure the sketch is even being uploaded to the board. But the Exosite app worked before I apparently overwrote it. I don't see any fatal errors. Like I said, I'm a noob to this platform, but pretty good with Arduino, I've been working with it for years. (Stellaris virtual COM drivers are installed, Windows Device Manager sees my board as COM4) WizBlink.ino
  2. I've just started playing around with my msp430 ez-2013 that my uncle gave me a while back (I've been too busy with school and whatnot until now ) and am trying to use the ez-2013 to control a transistor that will flash an externally powered LED. So far I've had no luck with it. I'm using a 2n222 transistor with a 10k ohm resistor from P1.0 on the ez-2013 to the base and a 10k ohm resistor on the emitter, with the anode of the LED attatched to the collector and the cathode attached to +6V. The resistor on the emitter is attached to ground. The led is powered seperately from the microcontroller (the MC is powered by USB) and the led/transistor is powered by 4 AA batteries. The transistor does work (the LED lights up when i connect the base to +6V) but does not turn on when attatched to the MC. I am just using the "Flashing the LED" program to eliminate the possibility of coding error. Is there something that I've done wrong, something I'm missing/have overlooked? Does the MC have to be powered by the same source as the LED or something in order for it to work? Would appreciate some help with my noob problem! Thanks in advance! Londonlad PS I attatched a photo of the setup, might provide some help in figuring out what I've done (wrong)
  3. Hello 430h family. I'm from ?stanbul/Turkey. I've just graduated from Electrical and Electronics Engineering at June and now I am a M. Sc student at Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. At my bachelors degree, I've never interested in microprocessors or anything like that, I've just got a microprocessors lesson at bachelors but that's all, no application, no projects etc. But at my M. Sc class, I've got " Embedded Systems " lesson to learn that kinda things. And our lecturer said if you don't make an embedded systems project you SHALL NOT PASS So I think, for noobs like me, MSP430 Launchpad is ready to launch missile and easy to learn and implement something. Am I right or wrong? And I need your project advices coz I need to propose it to lecturer until 2 October. And I need to complete project until mid. December. Phew very whiny introduction. Batuhan
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