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Found 5 results

  1. Has anyone heard about Energia supporting the newest G2 MSP board? I ordered it and tried it with the existing board profile and it didn't work. I was really trying to get the rev. 1.5 board because I am tired of switching the jumpers every time i want to use the serial monitor.
  2. I am hopeful there will be USB connectivity. This is all I have been able to uncover: Core ARM Cortex-M4, FPU MPU 48 MHz Processor:Cortex-M4, FPU MPU 48 MHz Cryptographic Engine:128.256 -bit HW accelerated AES Encryption Engine Memory 512 kB RAM, 2 MB ROM ROM:2 MB ROM:32 kB RAM:256 kB RAM:256 kB Clock & Power 1.62 V .. 3.7 V, 48 MHz Supply Voltage:1.62 V .. 3.7 V Operating Voltage Maximum Clock Frequency:48 MHz, Communication Other Other:4 x UART or SPI Other:4 x I2C or SPI Timer/Counter/PWM 4 x 16-bit Timer, 2 x 32-bit Timer Timer/Counter:4 x 16-bit Up to 4 timers/PWM/CCP Timer/Counter:2 x 32-bit GP Timers Analog 24-channel 14 bit ADC, 2 x Analog Comparator Temperature Sensor:1 x 2 x Analog Comparator
  3. Hello, I'm new to MSP430.(if I make a mistake, pls tell me!) I just bought a MSP430G2553 and I read that it supports BSL via RS232. I have a FT232 usb -> serial lying around. Could anybody give me a schematic on how to connect my G2553 to my FT232? (and also give me the software for it pls!) (I could instead just buy a Launchpad, but I don't have any money right now! ) Thanks alot!
  4. Hey, I am a rising high school senior who has been messing around and tinkering with electronics for as long as I can remember, soldered some kits starting in 3rd grade, first got introduced to programming with an Arduino about 2 years ago, Linux with a Raspberry Pi 1.5 years ago ( and then started tinkering with computers from my school's e-waste and installing Linux on everything, experimenting with running servers and SysAdmin stuff ), and now digging deeper into microcontrollers without the Arduino or Energia IDEs and their abstraction. Just finished my first robot ( a basic light seeker ) using a msp430g2452, programmed in C and compiled with mspgcc on linux, will probably share it soon! actually here is the code repository for it if interested (I expect it could use improvement would love any feedback): https://github.com/emdarcher/msp430_tank_robot the mspsci blog ( http://mspsci.blogspot.com/ ) has been extremely useful to me learning to use the on-chip peripherals and understand the datasheet and user guide. You can check out my blog here: http://emdinventor-blog.tk/ My school's FIRST robotics team: http://team4159.org/ I really like the msp430 microcontrollers ( just wish they had 5V tolerance like my little AVRs ) and am interested in taking better advantage of their low power cababilities. Also, I really want to go to BYU for college (and major in electrical engineering) and I recently found that their CS 124 ( http://students.cs.byu.edu/~cs124ta/ ) uses the msp430! So I am already learning stuff that could be useful in college, yay! (but they use CCS not mspgcc, so might have to adjust)
  5. Hello, I am a Ph.D student at Clemson University and will be working with the MSP430 in my research. The current MSP I am working with is the MSP430F2012. I figured with all the materials available and great people working with these devices that this would be a good forum to join.
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