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Found 1 result

  1. makiyang614

    Taking a Class on MSP430s

    I'm a computer engineering student taking a class this semester on embedded systems. The course focuses on the MSP430 microcontroller. I'd like to pick your brain for a few moments on the MSP430 and embedded boards in general. As far as things go, I've only worked with Arduino products for hobbies and personal projects. I feel that I have a basic understanding of the relationship between the arduino board, and the ATmel chip on it. I like the system becuase I can remove the ATmel and -- with only a few cents in components -- breadboard it permentantly into a project without sacrificing the arduino board. So far I've heard that the MSP430 is a very power concious device, with certain models being more frugal than others. I'm also excited to work with C and real Assembly on a physical device. I'd like to go ahead and get one of my own to work with outside of the lab, especially since I need to figure out mspgcc on my own: the lab only supports Windows operating systems. I am confused, however, by the sheer number of models and the complexity of their naming scheme, I don't know what features or model numbers to look for, and then there's the launchpad line as well. My course has so far mentioned the MSP430F2013 and the MSP430FG4618, although I don't know which one we'll be using. How careful should I be while picking out a launchpad to begin on? Will the differenent models change the C or Assembly I'm able to run on them in more impactful ways than speed/memory/etc? Can the MSP430 be switched out for another model? How practical do you feel the device is for use in permanent projects (Could I start replacing Arduinos with these once I better understand Assembly)? Also, I'd like to get a MSP-FET while it's on sale, do you have any thoughts on the device? MSP430 datesheet