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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I just registered an this is my first post. I am trying to get Energia working with my Dev Station. I am working with Windows 10, Launchpad MSP430G2 with an MSP430G2231 controller. I installed Energia on 4 computers. It only worked on one which has Windows 10 64 bits. After some research, I found that there seems to be a problem with 32 bit Windows. Has this been resolved? Is there a workaround? Thank you! Saga
  2. Hi Guys! I have MSP430 EXP LauchPad for my course. I want to program this lauchpad on Linux Mint but I have some troubles about that. Firstly, I downloaded Code Composer Studio to work on it but I had a error about port FET. Now I decided to download Energia, it looks like arduino IDE that is why I know about cart and port settings. My trouble on Energia is on the picture:
  3. Hello everyone, I am trying to get Energia running on my machine (macOS 10.13.3) and I am having troubles getting my serial ports to show up in the IDE. I have tried following the installation guide on the website here: http://energia.nu/guide/guide_macosx/ But when I click the link for "MSP-EXP430G2 and MSP-EXP430FR5739 LaunchPad," I am greeted with this: I know my USB cable is fine as I have used it with CCS on the Windows machines at school. If someone either has these drivers handy or if a dev from Energia has an expected time as to when these drivers will be available I would appreciate it greatly.
  4. Hello! I am currently moving a project from MSP430G2553 MCU to newer MSPFR2433. I have MSP-EXP430FR2433 board and Energia-1.6.10E18 IDE Software. From the beginning I saw very strange thing - big difference in DELAY and SLEEP intervals, but only on MSP-EXP430FR2433 board. For example, even simplest elementary code for BLINK run on MSP-EXP430FR2433: #define LED RED_LED void setup() { pinMode(LED, OUTPUT); } void loop() { digitalWrite(LED, HIGH); // turn the LED on (HIGH is the voltage level) sleep(4000); // wait for 4 seconds digitalWrite(LED, LOW); // turn the LED off by making the voltage LOW delay(1000); // wait for a second } On this board interval for ON (sleep command) visually is almost equal to OFF (delay command) interval (!). So SLEEP command is running about 4 times faster, than DELAY. While same code on MSP-EXP430G2 with MSP430G2553 and MSP-EXP430FR5969 boards is working fine. What is the reason ? It looks, like Energia library for MSP430FR2433 has some issues...Is it possible to fix it ? I understand, that MSP430G2xxx and MSP430FR2xxx have differences, but some basic functions should be running the same...isn't it ?
  5. Has anyone heard about Energia supporting the newest G2 MSP board? I ordered it and tried it with the existing board profile and it didn't work. I was really trying to get the rev. 1.5 board because I am tired of switching the jumpers every time i want to use the serial monitor.
  6. LaunchPad board name and version: MSP430G2553 Energia IDE version (found in Energia > About Energia menu): 0101E0017 Board package version (found in Tools > Boards > Boards Manager menu): no board manager OS name and version: windows10 Following is all my code: void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { float test =1.0; Serial.println(test); } However I get a large number of errors when verifying it: c:/users/chikamayan/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0017-windows/energia-0101e0017/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3/../../../../msp430/bin/ld.exe: sketch_nov16a.cpp.elf section `.text' will not fit in region `rom' c:/users/chikamayan/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0017-windows/energia-0101e0017/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3/../../../../msp430/bin/ld.exe: section .vectors loaded at [0000ffe0,0000ffff] overlaps section .text loaded at [0000f800,00010b85] c:/users/chikamayan/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0017-windows/energia-0101e0017/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3/../../../../msp430/bin/ld.exe: region `rom' overflowed by 3264 bytes c:/users/chikamayan/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0017-windows/energia-0101e0017/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3\libcrt0.a(_copy_data.o): In function `__do_copy_data':/root/mspgcc-20120406/BUILD/gcc/gcc/../../../gcc-4.6.3/gcc/config/msp430/crt0.S:195: relocation truncated to fit: R_MSP430_16_BYTE against symbol `__data_load_start' defined in *ABS* section in sketch_nov16a.cpp.elfcore.a(TimerSerial.cpp.o): In function `TimerSerial::TimerSerial()': TimerSerial.cpp:(.text._ZN11TimerSerialC2Ev+0x10): relocation truncated to fit: R_MSP430_16_BYTE against symbol `vtable for TimerSerial' defined in .rodata._ZTV11TimerSerial section in core.a(TimerSerial.cpp.o) c:/users/chikamayan/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0017-windows/energia-0101e0017/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3/crt0ivtbl16.o: In function `__isr_14': (.text+0x2): relocation truncated to fit: R_MSP430_16 against symbol `_unexpected_' defined in .text.crt0 section in c:/users/chikamayan/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0017-windows/energia-0101e0017/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3\libcrt0.a(_unexpected_.o) core.a(Print.cpp.o): In function `Print::printFloat(double, unsigned char)': Print.cpp:(.text._ZN5Print10printFloatEdh+0x22): relocation truncated to fit: R_MSP430_16 against symbol `__ltsf2' defined in .text section in c:/users/chikamayan/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0017-windows/energia-0101e0017/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3\libgcc.a(_lt_sf.o) Print.cpp:(.text._ZN5Print10printFloatEdh+0x52): relocation truncated to fit: R_MSP430_16 against symbol `__divsf3' defined in .text section in c:/users/chikamayan/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0017-windows/energia-0101e0017/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3\libgcc.a(_div_sf.o) Print.cpp:(.text._ZN5Print10printFloatEdh+0x68): relocation truncated to fit: R_MSP430_16 against symbol `__addsf3' defined in .text section in c:/users/chikamayan/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0017-windows/energia-0101e0017/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3\libgcc.a(_addsub_sf.o) Print.cpp:(.text._ZN5Print10printFloatEdh+0x78): relocation truncated to fit: R_MSP430_16 against symbol `__floatunsisf' defined in .text section in c:/users/chikamayan/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0017-windows/energia-0101e0017/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3\libgcc.a(_usi_to_sf.o) Print.cpp:(.text._ZN5Print10printFloatEdh+0x84): relocation truncated to fit: R_MSP430_16 against symbol `__subsf3' defined in .text section in c:/users/chikamayan/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0017-windows/energia-0101e0017/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3\libgcc.a(_addsub_sf.o) Print.cpp:(.text._ZN5Print10printFloatEdh+0xa2): relocation truncated to fit: R_MSP430_16_BYTE against `no symbol' Print.cpp:(.text._ZN5Print10printFloatEdh+0xba): relocation truncated to fit: R_MSP430_16 against symbol `__mulsf3' defined in .text section in c:/users/chikamayan/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0017-windows/energia-0101e0017/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3\libgcc.a(_mul_sf.o) Print.cpp:(.text._ZN5Print10printFloatEdh+0xc2): additional relocation overflows omitted from the output collect2: ld returned 1 exit status Anyone knows what's the cause? Ps. I posted this issue on github before and was told it's because of memory overflow. However, I was just verifying the code and didn't actually upload it to my launchpad, so I guess that's not the case?
  7. Model of LaunchPad: MSP430G2553/G2403 and revision number: 1.5 Model of the MCU used: I am not sure, but the box is MSP-EXP430G2 Name and version of the IDE used : Energia version 0101E0017 (I tried the newer one, but it threw a bunch of errors which resolved when downgrading) OS the IDE is running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS I am completely new to this type of programming, so I apologize if I need extra clarification or am missing something. Issues faced: The blinking code I have used all work just fine, but no print statements work. My current goal is to simply get a read from the internal temperature sensor, but printing won't work. I am attaching relevant screenshots. and example code. Any direction/help is appreciated! Blink.ino
  8. Does anyone have the test firmware for the original Educational BoosterPack as shown on the YouTube video: It would be very helpful to me to see the code for this testing script. Thank you for any help with this.
  9. Hello, I've got two beginners questions... 1) If I'd want to move a robot by a specific distance (however not be very precise), do I need wheels with encoders? Can't I somehow approximate the time I need to power the engine? I don't need to move exactly 1mm left or right. I've read about encoders, but they are too expensive for me. 2) If I wanted to control a robot from an Android app via bluetooth, could I send some data from the robot to my phone, process the data (on the phone) and send something (an instruction, lets say) back to the robot? Sorry for my English. Thanks in advance.
  10. HI, I am a first time user of MSP430G2553, I am trying to execute the example Blink but getting Comping error.Pls help to solve Error is: [C:\energia\hardware\tools\msp430\bin\msp430-g++, -c, -g, -Os, -w, -ffunction-sections, -fdata-sections, -mmcu=msp430g2553, -DF_CPU=16000000L, -MMD, -DARDUINO=101, -DENERGIA=11, -IC:\energia\hardware\msp430\cores\msp430, -IC:\energia\hardware\msp430\variants\launchpad, C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\build3571949476556328385.tmp\Blink.cpp, -o, C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\build3571949476556328385.tmp\Blink.cpp.o] msp430-g++: error: CreateProcess: No such file or directory I have extractes energia-0101E0011
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