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Found 3 results

  1. Hello I am going to say that I am very new to Embedded systems. I could have started with the arduino as everyone else seems to do but I wanted to really understand how MCUs work so I opted for TIs MSP430 Line. I have read a lot of the documentation for the FR2311 and just have some general questions about how to go about using it most efficiently. First what my end goals are, I want to be able to control two DC motors that are bidirectional with speed control through a pot for each motor. They will be controlled via a L293DIC. I also want two push buttons that turn on or off relays that controls some LEDs. I want this to be done via interrupts and when not in use have the MCU in low power mode. I have looked through some of the examples that are provided and noticed that the "Analog Input to PWM Output" example they have uses the eCOMP module instead of the ADC. Is this the best/most efficient way to achieve this? Or would the only reason to do that would be A. the MCU doesn't include an ADC (like the FR2000) or B. Code size restrictions. My plan is to break it down in to sections that I can work on individually and then assemble together to make a complete program. My first goal is to get the ADC or eCOMP module set up with the pots. As I said before I want to be able to go both directions with one pot so I would need to have the value signed (right?) Also when reading through the user guide there are many different sampling modes. Which one would be best for sampling a pot? I am sure I will have more questions as I go along but I really want to get this done right and the reason I chose TI's products was because of the support behind them. Thanks in advance
  2. I am using a MSP430FR2311 launch pad and i am trying to send AT commands through RX and TX to SIM800 and Receive Response from the SIM800 module. But am not able to get the response and not able to use SoftwareSerial in Energia for MSP boards. Can Anyone help with this problem ? Thank you in advance. #include <String.h> void setup() { pinMode(RED_LED , OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); //Serial.print(F("AT\r")); while(Serial.available()==0); val1 = Serial.readString(); Serial.print(val1); Serial.print("\r"); delay(100); } void loop(){ //do nothing if(Serial.available()) { String val2 = Serial.readString(); line += String(val2); Serial.print(line); if (line.indexOf("OK") >= 0) { digitalWrite(RED_LED,HIGH); } } } Since we cant use both the Debugging UART (Serial Monitor) and Application UART (TX and RX) at the same time , I am checking the received Response for the string "OK" . and if OK is there the RED led goes high.
  3. Ti dropped a new launchpad today, it isn't even listed on the ti.com/launchpad page. From the email: "the world
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