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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, Basically the only thing I need is to get the values such as current consumption, energy consumption to MSP430 in real time like the ones given by Energy Trace without using CCs. Because it provides only a graphical information. Not enough to be an input for a code in a host computer. I tried a solution given in this own forum and had problems during building, the steps taken are bellow, if you have another solution, please let me know. We try to build the project energy-trace-util to use the energy trace feature on ours msp without the need of CCS, but we had erros on compiling the debug Stack, required by the project. You can read the readme of the project at https://github.com/carrotIndustries/energytrace-util/blob/master/README.md They said that the msp debug Stack is necessary for it works and made a PKGBUILD process on other repo to automatize the installation of it in the Arch Linux system. We use the Ubuntu so we could not use that script but we read it to understand what it does and they require the file slac460p.zip which is not online anymore, I thought that this file was updated to the slac460t which we have but following the process (wrote here: https://github.com/carrotIndustries/aur-mspds/blob/master/PKGBUILD) the file named MSPDSOS- did not exist on the .zip, and is a executable file apparently, so we seeing the zip that we have, we discovered that it have a makefile that we could use to build that slac460, we followed that way then. We try to build the slac460t, it fails, saying the file hdiapi.h is not found, we added the path to that file on the makefile and they process with the compilation. Then is fails again, saying that the hid_libusb.o is not found and we don't have that file. We try to build the hdi project from the directory on the slac460t/ThirdParty but it fails saying that libusb directory not exist, then we downloaded the hid project from the net (here: https://github.com/signal11/hidapi) We build, with some difficult on the way, but we successful compiled and installed that project. On /usr/local/lib then was installed some files of hid and libusb, some shared libraries (.so) but no .o anywhere. So the error on debug Stack compile process still. We need that debug process on our Ubuntu to use the energy trace, what is your solution for us to use the energy trace without the CCS on Ubuntu ? thank you!
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