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Found 3 results

  1. I've been working on alternatives to updating firmware in the field, and wondered if a good alternative might be to embed a microSD card socket in a project, and use that to update firmware. It would require no cables or interface devices. Just copy the update file to the card, insert it into the slot, and power up the device, which would then detect the card, and use the file contents to flash new firmware, then (possibly) erase the file. I've downloaded the PFatFs.zip library from about 2016: https://forum.43oh.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9251 Is that the latest version? Anyway, I don't have a feel for how much memory this would use, and perhaps more important, how much RAM is needed. Would something like the G2553 or FR2311 work? For this use, it would only be necessary to initiate the card, open the file and read the data, and optionally delete the file, but there's no need to write data to a file. So perhaps the code size might be a bit less than what the example ino produces. Does anyone here have experience using SD cards with MSP430 parts? Is this idea worth pursuing? Do you think it would be possible to write the file data to flash or FR in real time byte-by-byte, perhaps by bit-banging the SPI? Are there any hardware issues (I assume 3.3V is ok), large current requirements? Thanks for any insights and opinions.
  2. Hey all, I have attempted to take this project, http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1999-sd-media-player-with-fat16/, which was written for a G2353, and port it to a G2553. The main differences being: 1. USI on the G2353 vs. USCI on the G2553 2. Timer0_A3 on the G2353 has 3 control/compare registers, I needed to change the timer to Timer1_A3 on the G2553 since thats where it has 3 control/compare registers. 3. I also changed the pin defines to match the G2553. 4. Also the original project uses an SD card, while i am attempting to use a MicroSD card breakout board (should work the same as both can be formatted in FAT16, also the breakout board from sparkfun makes changing the files on the card super easy, plus it looks clean ) 5. I think thats about it... Overall, I am not quite sure about the .wav file format and how it needs to be placed on the the MicroSD card, ive seen people write raw data to the card in other projects, but that seems to defeat the point of the file system implementation... My current .wav file a mono, 24Khz sampled, 8 Bit .wav file (seems to be the kind of file the original project was using) I've attached the code I've been working on and a few pictures of the project itself. Also here is the pinout i am working with: P1.3- Chip Select (Attached to CS pin on microSD breakout board) P1.4- Card Detect(Attached to CD pin on microSD breakout board) P1.5- SCLK (Attached to SCK pin on microSD breakout board) P1.6- SOMI (Attached to DO pin on microSD breakout board) P1.7- SIMO (Attached to DI pin on microSD breakout board) P2.2- Left Channel Speaker output (Using TA1.1) P2.4- Right Channel Speaker output (Using TA1.2) The other pins i have connected in the picture are for UART console stuff and can be ignored. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for taking the time to read this post. Cheers. Project_4_FAT.zip
  3. I noticed there is Elastix (voip PBX) available on Ebay. Is anyone familiar with that preinstalled Elastix on micro SD card?
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