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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! Im getting these errors: This is my main code, it just reproduces a tone: Reproductor.ino #include "Nota.h" #include "Imperial_March.h" using namespace std; #include <vector> #include <string> template class std::basic_string<char>; #define DO 261.626 #define RE 293.665 #define MIb 311.127 #define MI 329.628 #define FA 349.228 #define FAs 369.994 #define SOL 391.995 #define SOLs 415.305 #define LA 440.000 #define SIb 466.164 #define SI 493.883 #define DOM 523.251 #define DOMs 554.365 #define REM 587.330 #define MIMb 622.254 #define MIM 659.25
  2. msp430.xmsp430.xI have modified the scripts in a memory.x file and an msp430.x file, and I want the linker to use these scripts instead of the default linker scripts. I have used the modified msp430.x to replace the msp430.x file in C:\energia-0101E0016\hardware\tools\msp430\msp430\lib\ldscripts, and I have used the modified memory.x file to replace the memory.x file in C:\energia-0101E0016\hardware\tools\msp430\msp430\lib\ldscripts\msp430f5529. I know the latter file is being used, because its absence causes a "can't find file" error during compilation. The absence of an msp430.x file, on the
  3. I know that the first word is the address of the top of the stack. In startup_gcc.c file in the stellarisware projects, the address of the reset_isr subroutine is stored in the second word space in the _text section. In the objdump of the blinky.axf file, a value of 0x2d1 is stored at address 0x04 in _text section. But the reset_isr subroutine is stored at address 0x2d0. This is confusing me. Isn't a value of 0x2d0 supposed to be at address 0x04 in _text section? Please explain me where I am wrong. I have attached the objdump of blinky.axf here. Akhils-MacBook-Pro:blinky akhil$ arm-none-eabi
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