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Found 8 results

  1. Hello from Florida!

    Good evening and happy Memorial Day! I am new to micro-controllers, and to electronics in general, having spent my career in software. Recently, I gave myself a crash course in the basics of electronics components, soldering, bread boards, and the Arduino, though my goal has been to use the CC3220 for a few projects that deeply interest me. After giving Energia a try with my dev board, I'd like to thank you for developing this framework and this community, as I'm going to be able to go much father, much faster than I had ever hoped.
  2. Hi from India

    Hello Friends, I am using MSP430G2553 Launch Pad in CCS5 from India. Get in touch if you are a newbie to it.. - Abid
  3. Hi from Uzbekistan

    Hi everyone, I am from Uzbekistan. And i am a computer engineer student. I appreciate everyone who is eager to help and collaborate in this forum. I hope, I will find answers to many questions. If anyone from Central Asia, let us know each other.
  4. Hello from Oceanside, CA, USA

    I am a hardware engineer (analog design and switching power supplies) who barely knows enough C to bust a wet paper bag. Maybe this is a friendly forum to post my stupid coding questions. Knowledge of generic C (sketchy enough in my case) is often of little help in the specialized world of embedded systems.
  5. Shrenik From Maharashtra India

    Hi all, I am Shrenik Shikhare. A hobbyist also a professional. I did work on PIC/AVR/ARM lpc series. I mostly worked on embedded linux and android based on ARM9 platform. Also have worked on wifi protocol development, bluetooth stack modification, zigbee application development. I would like to build big systems using stellaris. Have some ideas which i will be discussing here for your help. To know more about me you can just google for "Shrenik Shikhare". . Vinod Satur made me interested to turn towards stellaris launchpad. Thanks Vinod S. Look forward to make some stuff together. :)
  6. Hello from the Heartland

    Just leaving my mark... Stellaris LaunchPad arrived yesterday evening, today included a lot of downloading and unzipping files. I'm here specifically working toward applications for 4 axis and 5 axis CNC mills. Total noob at programming, extensive (stale) background in component level electronics, PLCs & industrial control, many other odds and ends. Currently tech support on 4 axis desktop milling systems. So I will be doing noob stuff and asking noob questions, with a specific focus. Happen to find TI's level of support for this community to be way above par! From the Heatrland - aka Iowa...
  7. Hello from Bangalore, India

    Hi Everyone, I am a UX/UI specialist from Bangalore, India. What draws me into this forum? I am passionate about embedded graphics and user interfaces which also happens to be my profession. My professional work involves a lot of usability and user interface related projects right from rack mounted devices to touch screen based handheld devices. My education includes a Masters from University of Sussex, Brighton, UK and a Bachelors in Engineering from MVIT, Bangalore, India. My hobby ranges from animations in Blender 3D to fabricating PCBs at home designed using Kicad. Having worked on an ARM based platform for long, I want to get involved in a Stellaris Launchpad related project. I hope to make a significant contribution in the long run. I have built a few small AVR projects at home during my free time (and will continue to do so), it is time to shift gears. Regards, Pixelhaze (Anup Jayapal Rao)
  8. New member from India

    Hello all, I am basically from India and studying electronics engineering at University of Southampton,UK. I love building electronics, and sharing it with other people, and checking out stuff which they are building. My recent build was this handheld oscilloscope, you should check it out. http://sonirajan.com/tag/portoscope/ Video: http://bit.ly/Lw5yhW `NiNjasoar (Rajan Soni)