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Found 9 results

  1. I've dabbled in a lot of languages, but never made it to C or C++. Now, in the course of helping my son pursue a CS degree, I find myself learning Java. What, if any, are the options for programming the TI LaunchPads in Java? Opinions? (other than the expected "Java sux" :-(
  2. I am currently testing the MSP430FR5994 launchpad. The available sram memory is 8Kbytes, but it is declared at 2 Kbytes in the boards.txt file. It is a mistake?
  3. Is there a way to display line numbers in Energia IDE so it is easier to track error messages? Thanks.
  4. I just discovered an impressive Arduino program called Bitlash in a video demo http://pinocc.io/blog/building-the-internet-of-things/preview-pinoccio-api/ (about the Pinoccio mesh networking module). It lets you define and run tasks from a shell. Has anyone tried porting it to the MSP430?
  5. Tiva/Stellaris programs were compiled with optimization -Os in Energia E0012. (Optimize for size). In Energia E0013 optimization is turned off for Tiva/Stellaris and CC3200. (-O0) How do I turn optimization back on in Energia E0013? I have been working on a Arduino/Energia library which has a timing critical interrupt handler. Of course there is the #pragma route to controlling optimization. But is there a way in the IDE, or in preferences.txt, is #pragma the preferred method. On a somewhat related note, are there any release notes for the new version (which might cover changes and how to handle them)? (e.g., where I could have found out about the change in optimization). I have looked around a bit and haven't found any kind of list of what is new. http://www.energia.nu/release.html only goes up through version 12. The readme on github doesn't even mention the CC3200 https://github.com/energia/Energia/blob/master/ReadMe.md After I had problems generating a listing in the new release I did discover that debugging information is turned off by default, and there is a new option for turning debugging information on/off (in File - Preferences). But haven't found anything similar for optimization. Thanks
  6. Hello all, A year or two ago I attempted to setup Code::Blocks with the arm-none-eabi toolchain so that I could compile and run my Energia projects without dealing with the idiosyncrasies of the Processing-based IDE. I did not much understand command-line tools or GCC and so my efforts were somewhat frustrated. I have picked it up again, and almost have it working. I have analyzed the verbose output from Energia to determine which compiler/linker flags are used, and set up Code::Blocks to do the exact same things as Energia during compilation (excepting one thing, which I will get to later). My projects compile, and I am able to upload them to the device, but for some reason the behaviour is not quite the same. (Specifically, a function I wrote for projecting 3D triangles to a plane does not return the correct value. I initially suspected a problem with the FPU configuration, but I debunked that by trying some other math which compiled and ran correctly.) Also, the .bin file generated by Energia is a slightly different size than the one generated by Code::Blocks. The only difference in the build processes between the two that I can see is that Energia uses arm-none-eabi-ar to roll an archive from the compiled "cores" code which the compiled application is then statically linked against, whereas my Code::Blocks setup compiles and then links everything together in one step. I do not think this is a significant difference, but I can try doing that if all else fails. The build output from Energia and Code::Blocks is attached below, as well as the generated .bin files for each. The code which was compiled to produce the .bin files is identical. If anyone can figure this one out, or help me understand better how Energia goes from code to executable, it would be much appreciated! P.S.: I had to change the file extensions of the .bin's to .txt so that I could upload them. CodeBlocksOutput.txt EnergiaOutput.txt CodeBlocksbin.txt Energiabin.txt
  7. Hi, I have been working for the past few years on a project called UECIDE. It's a new IDE that is intended to be a single environment for programming a whole gamut of different development boards. It was originally based on MPIDE, which was originally itself based on Arduino 0023, but there's only about 100 lines of the original code left there now. Everything else has been completely re-written. Anyway, it has for some time now had Launchpad and Stellaris supoort in it - at least it's meant to. However, I am only one man, and I only have an original Launchpad and a Stellaris LM4F board - none of the other boards / chips to play with. So, I was looking for people willing to have a play (with the latest beta version) and see what could do with improving / tweaking / rewriting to better support these boards. To whet your appetite, this is what the latest beta looks like: The download is here: http://uecide.org/download'>http://uecide.org/download with the beta version listed at the bottom of the page. So if you could give it a bit of a hammer and let me know what you think of it that'd be fantastic. By the way, the MSP430 / LM4F support is taken direct from your github repository by a set of build scripts, so should be as up to date as I remember to run the scripts The scripts are here if you want to see them: https://github.com/UECIDE/launchpad
  8. Please find the latest releases of Energia: energia-0101E0009-macosx.dmg - Mac OS X: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012) energia-0101E0009-windows.zip - Windows: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012) energia-0101E0009-linux.tgz - Linux: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012)· Other links of interest: http://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki'>http://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki – Wiki http://github.com/energia/Energia/downloads'>http://github.com/en...ergia/downloads – Downloads http://github.com/energia/Energia'>http://github.com/energia/Energia – GitHub repository https://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki/Hardware'>https://github.com/e...a/wiki/Hardware – Pins maps http://energia.nu – Website
  9. [ ADMIN - Please see this thread by admin and response by thread author about mod updates. ] NOTE: This is NOT the official Energia release. Report here the problems you find using this mod. Don't nag anyone else. ____________________________________________ Hello there! this is a tweaked Energia IDE (Arduino version here), don't lose time setting up anything, Java or the drivers, just use this fully automated installer. Plus, you get a improved experience (and extra time to think in sending me a little tip :wave:) Download (2013-02-09): Soon? maybe? http://static.themetapicture.com/media/funny-angry-girl-cat-soon.jpg Less than 55 mb, for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8 (x86/x64), Requires .Net Framework 4.0 and nothing else required at all, no other app, package, drivers, just your arduino and brain. [ ADMIN - Removed Donate button, please see this thread by admin and response by thread author. ] _____________________________________________ Features: 1. Standard windows install Couple of clicks and ready! 2. Driver installer Prepares your system for the boards. Tested in Windows 8. 3. Pretty splash screen Come on! original one is awful! (even the jpg compression is poor heheh) 4. Menu with Scroll support and better organization Lots of Sketches? lots of Libraries? lots of Examples?, No problems at all. 5. Pretty Windows Icon No more blurry/ugly icons For Windows 7/8 taskbar. 6. No delays over Tools menu or at startup Produced by some BT dongles (More information: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1237179908). 7. Sketch template Start coding right away, the first sketch is compilable without pressing a key! The IDE finds a sweet spot to place the cursor for you. Also notice the fancy new font: 8. More and custom settings Does not mess with other Arduino IDE versions and preferences (not even with official ones). You can go to Preferences and set another Sketch directory to keep your User librararies and sketches appart. Also the font is customizable easily. http://content.screencast.com/users/erwinried/folders/Jing/media/80a5168d-ccc3-40fc-ac8a-f122bda546a0/2012-10-23_2026.png 9. File association, desktop icon, Start menu program group icons Small details for your own amusement http://content.screencast.com/users/spam_live.cl/folders/Jing/media/0fe964ad-c519-476d-aff6-9a16da89bc35/2012-11-05_2359.png 10. New library manager Manage your libraries from Documents/Arduino/Libraries folder with ease and the IDE will reflect the changes without restart * Enable or disable them: Click the checkbox (disabled libraries will not appear in the IDE or their EXAMPLES) * Delete library: Select library and press DEL * Add library: Click ADD, then select the a proper file of the library or select a ZIP file (manager will handle everything for you) 11. More IDE enhancements! * Undo/redo: Now remember the cursor position, almost unlimited buffer for undo * Easy mouse selection: Now the selection with the mouse is slowed down to keep it controlable when selecting lots of lines * Smart Reference!: Detect the selected word automatically, now you don't need to select the whole word or even a part! anything will work just right click http://screencast.com/t/dfp7m4vA7k * More useful Copy/Cut functions: If you right click without selection, the action applies to the Line 8) * Hold Shift key on Verify: To get Verbose compilation * Hold Control key on Upload: To open the Serial Monitor automatically when upload complete (do not lose a bit! from the Serial data or compulsivelly click the serial monitor button). Additionally you can use the new option in File menu too: http://content.screencast.com/users/erwinried/folders/Snagit/media/904511e5-3440-4b48-bd1e-f86d7c1de225/08.22.2012-19.12.25.png Or maybe you just forget all of those things? so just click once and Schedule the Monitor to open automatically when upload completes: http://content.screencast.com/users/erwinried/folders/Jing/media/944cc8c5-c602-4559-a213-9360fa7b03b7/2012-09-24_2233.png * Options to get the Hex file path and open the Compilation folder in one click: http://content.screencast.com/users/erwinried/folders/Jing/media/d521996f-a42a-4041-981c-99528e5026ae/2012-09-29_0515.png 12. Better search and replace Big project? Lots of tabs? No worries! Use the Search all tabs option: http://content.screencast.com/users/erwinried/folders/Jing/media/b20a6ebe-4f84-48f4-9457-6a087d9c468a/2012-09-24_1627.png 13. Little Serial Monitor improvements Hold the output unchecking "Receiving" when you like and/or set "AutoClear" to automatically clear the monitor output if more than 1 second elapsed since last data (debug anything with ease!): http://content.screencast.com/users/erwinried/folders/Jing/media/34f5f1f5-d66d-4c53-b9ac-b48a54bff1c7/2012-09-10_1811.png 14. Unninstall & small package Not an improvement but as a normal windows app, includes an easy way to remove it and the setup including java and everything you need is about 54 mb. _____________________________________________ Source Code: Java & .Net updated code: https://github.com/eried/Energia Commit History (features+source files): https://github.com/eried/Energia/commits/master Changelog: * 1.0.3 20130209: First version [ ADMIN - Please see this thread by admin and response by thread author about mod updates. ]
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