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Found 1 result

  1. Trying to get the hibernate library to work as in the pastebin example for the tm4c123 here. I've modified it with the request at the end. //#include <DateTimeLibrary.h> #include "driverlib/hibernate.c" boolean redstate = false; boolean bluestate = false; int green = 0; void setup() { uint32_t hibact = HibernateIsActive(); // put your setup code here, to run once: pinMode(GREEN_LED, OUTPUT); pinMode(BLUE_LED, OUTPUT); HibernateEnableExpClk(F_CPU); HibernateRTCEnable(); HibernateRTCMatchSet(0,HibernateRTCGet()+5); HibernateIntRegister(HibernateHandler); HibernateIntEnable(HIBERNATE_INT_RTC_MATCH_0); HibernateRTCTrimSet(0x7FFF); } void HibernateHandler(void) { //Use this to reset interrupt flag uint32_t ui32Status = HibernateIntStatus(1); HibernateIntClear(ui32Status); //Place here code to execute every second, ex: LCD or 7 segment display //Altough it should be as fastest as possible redstate = !redstate; //To keep the interrupt hapening every second you need this HibernateRTCMatchSet(0,HibernateRTCGet()+5); } void loop() { // put your main code here, to run repeatedly: bluestate = !bluestate; if(redstate ==0){ green = 0; } else green = 64; analogWrite(GREEN_LED, green); if (bluestate) { analogWrite(BLUE_LED, 64); } else { analogWrite(BLUE_LED, 0); } delay(750); HibernateRequest(); } Been reading through 16.2 API Functions for the hibernate module here and can figure out whats going on. I just want the hibernate module to be requested once main has run, this doesn't seem to happen and the hibernate interrupt just seems to function as a timer running alongside the main function...??? Tried adding HibernateWakeSet(HIBERNATE_WAKE_RTC); to the setup
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