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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everybody, I join 43oh today! The method is to first design a filter based on wavelet transform and then attenuate the low-frequency part lx after performing wavelet transform of x layer on the picture, and then perform the inverse wavelet transform to achieve high-pass filtering, filtering out various kinds of pictures due to uneven illumination. The noise interference caused by factors highlights the license plate area. In traditional license plate positioning algorithms,https://www.sztigerwong.com, the images are first binarized. For the original grayscale image, there is a significant difference in brightness caused by uneven lighting. The brightness of the left half of the car is darker than the brightness of the right half due to building occlusion, and there is also a local lack of light in the right half. In the case of binarization of the average threshold value of the average gray level directly, it is easy to cause the license plate area to be unrecognizable because the threshold is selected too high. If the threshold is deliberately lowered in the program, it will introduce a lot of noise and lose the second The use of value. If local threshold binarization is used, on the one hand, the workload of calculating the threshold is increased, and the processing time is increased. At the same time, new boundary noise interference may be caused due to the division of the area. After using the high-pass filtering process based on wavelet transform, the picture effect is very ideal, which not only eliminates the influence caused by uneven lighting but also makes the license plate area more prominent, which greatly improves the accuracy of positioning and finding. However, the reconstructed signal during noise reduction preprocessing will lose the original time-domain features.
  2. Hi there ... I'm a Dutch guy who's been active in IT for quite some years already. Mostly as a programmer/consultant ... Diving into IoT and MCU area now, I am playing around with Arduino, NodeMCU, got myself a MSP430FR5994 launchpad and am waiting for Particle to ship me my Xenon's and an Argon ... Cheers, Joris
  3. Hi @ all, this is stefan from southern Germany. I've been studying mech. engineering (automotive branch), but slippt into software development during my job. I'm still a really beginner, trying to make my first complete project with Tiva tm4c129 device. Additionally to the SW part, I'm investigating in HW to design the board (since this is pretty small: 20mm x 40mm). Besides that, I'm administrating a development based on TI AM4378 (HW & SW), but the real work is done by professionels . Nice to meet you all! Cheers, Stefan
  4. Hi All, I am John from Malta. I was gradually getting into Arduino, but have just started an EdX course which uses the TI MSP 430G2 so have joined up here to learn more about it and maybe get some advice and support when needed. The intention is to continue to delve into robotics. My experience so far has been with constructing a battle bot, but although that taught me a lot about battery technologies, motor drivers, and physical construction, the robot was radio controlled. So now I want to get into intelligent robots, or at least useful ones (such as ones with arms etc). Its a bit of a challenge, but hopefully lots of hours of fun lie ahead! :-) John
  5. Hello, I am a Ph.D student at Clemson University and will be working with the MSP430 in my research. The current MSP I am working with is the MSP430F2012. I figured with all the materials available and great people working with these devices that this would be a good forum to join.
  6. My name is Ivan and I am a 12 year old kid from Canada. I just ordered a Launchpad and a Terminal booster pack. I downloaded the code and imported it into CCS. When ever I try to debug on the Launchpad, it says "Error Connecting to target". I tried connecting to 2 different computers both running different versions of Windows. Could any one help out please? Thanks, Ivan
  7. Hi from Colombia, I like the TI microcontrolers, but I
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