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Found 7 results

  1. Form: Made a base similar to the Skylanders Portal, with some spray foam, coroplast, and Color Changing LEDs. This was added to a Totem Pole. Kid brother's school project. Function: Used an EZ430-F2013 as a simple Soft Switch, leds on 5 minute timer, to save the batteries from being drained. Code (main.c): #include "common.h" /*-------------- EZ430 Soft Switch, 5 Minute Sleep Timer using Watchdog LED is P1.0 D1 on EZ430 TRANS is P1.1 2n2222 Transistor Base PB is P1.2 Pushbutton P1.3-P1.7, P2.6, P2.7 free --------------*/ bool switch_state = 0; void cpu_init(void) { WDTCTL = WDT
  2. Hi there! I wanted to do a temperature logger with my chronos ez-430. Everything worked fine, and I installed the DataLog firmware (correct frequency). After that I wasn't able to communicate with the watch anymore. Wireless update still works, but on the normal firmware i can't sync, yust like with datalog firmware. do you have any suggestions on how to solve this? thanks, Jonas Otto
  3. I loved the eZ430-Chronos. On the Internet many projects made ??on the basis of this development tool. But one thing I did not like is that you need a computer to manage their programs. And without a computer Chronos watch can not control anything. So I bought Anaren CC110L RF BoosterPack (868 Mhz). But this kit does not work with Chronos. I looked a lot of information and code on this forum and on the internet. But always something was wrong, I did not want to rewrite the SimpliciTi protocol. And finally... I did emulation of RF USB dongle. The project uses the unmodified Chronos Control
  4. How do I change the USB ID being looked for for programming? I have an ez430-F2013 USB stick that I would like to use with Energia. I have added the board to the list and compiled Blink successfully but it can't find the interface. It's looking for id 0451:f432 and the ID for the stick is :430
  5. Trying to use the SD16_A ADC on the EZ430 F2013. Have two separate issues. (Coded for IAR) The first, am unable to do a single ADC conversion on Channel 7 (the offset checking channel) SD16AE |= INPUT; // Enable P1.6 as A3+ SD16CTL = SD16SSEL1 | SD16VMIDON | SD16REFON; // 1.2v Ref On, SMCLK SD16CCTL0 = SD16OSR_1024; // Set to 1024 Oversample Rate if (offset == 0) { SD16CCTL0 |= SD16DF | SD16SNGL; // Signed, Single Conversion scripted_wait(); // Let Internal Ref Settle SD16INCTL0 = SD16INCH_7; // ADC Channel 7 SD16CCTL0
  6. So, in last week's deal i got one Ez430 Chronos watch. Installed the last CCS, got almost a day of infrutiferously reading the e2e community reports on how to correct the **** path error on "C:\ti\ccsv5\msp430\include".. I ended up finding by miself these files were relocated to C:\ti\ccsv5\ccs_base\msp430\include. So i took the easiest way and just duplicated the whole folder to the place where ccs was looking for it. (didn't found out how to change this in CCS, and somewhere i read that it was a eclipse bug, so i decided not to discuss with ccs and do what it wanted). I was able to g
  7. Hi, Is it possible to change RF frequency of the Chronos from 868mhz to 915mhz? If it is possible, could you, please, say how? Thanks a lot,
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