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  1. Simultaneous SPI and SPI1

    I'm trying to get access to the second SPI bus/module in order to use both bus 0 and 1 at the same time on a MSP432 (Energia 18 / Code Composer) and ran into an issue with the best way to achieve this. Just to give a little background, I've got an SD card on bus 0 (Mode 0 SPI) and I'd like to put a ADC breakout on bus 1 (Mode 1 SPI) such that I don't need to worry the SD card clogging up the SPI lines when the 512 byte buffer gets written. I am able to use: SPI.setModule(1) to get access to the second SPI bus just fine...Should I be putting a set module command before the chunks of code which talk to SD or ADC drivers? This didn't seem very elegant, but I think it might work. Something like: loop { SPI.setModule(0) Write to SD Card SPI.setModule(1) Get ADC conversion } What I was hoping to do is use "SPI." (set to use bus 0) for the SD card libraries and "SPI1.*" (set to use bus 1) for the ADC libraries, however, SPI1 doesn't work. What seems to be the problem with SPI1 is the following code in SPI.cpp: /* C type function */ void spiTransferCallback(SPI_Handle spi, SPI_Transaction * transaction) { SPI.transferComplete = 1; } Note how this code refers to "SPI.*" regardless of whether I'm using SPI.* or SPI1.* What seems to be needed is some logic that executes SPI.transferComplete if the module is 0 and SPI1.transferComplete if the module is 1. I tried changing this code to run SPI1.transferComplete, then atleast the SPI1.* stuff works...although I'm guessing SPI.* won't work at this point. Is there a way to get this callback access to the value of spiModule? any advice would be appreciated, jrd PS I'll also note that I'm using the original energia libraries (black), but the new boards (red).