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Found 3 results

  1. char final[6]; sprintf(final, "%.3f",current); Serial.println(final); When I put this code to calculate it prints only the "%.3f" I know floating point is not good to use for MSP430, but I do need the decimal places for my calculated results and need to convert to string pass on java socket. Or Can someone introduce me the fixed point calculation? many thanks!
  2. Hi All, I am looking for advice on converting a CCS project into Energia, preferably making a library. I did not created the CCS project, it is actually a demo project downloadable from TI for a booster pack called TMP006. The link is http://software-dl.ti.com/msp430/msp430_public_sw/mcu/msp430/boosterpack/TMP006/latest/index_FDS.html?DCMP=msp430&HQS=tmp006boosterpack The zip package included a CCS project with some C and header files. Where should I start? Any advise or links to understand Energia library will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a beginner and working with a MSP430G2553 and Parallax-Serial-Terminal. I want to add UART to a program I am working on. However my program is already using TA0CCR0 and TA1CCR0.So I am trying to convert TA0CCR0 to TA0CCR1 in this sample code I found: /****************************************************************************** * Half Duplex Software UART on the LaunchPad * * Description: This code provides a simple Bi-Directional Half Duplex * Software UART. The timing is dependant on SMCLK, which * is set to 1MHz. The transmit function is base
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