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Found 2 results

  1. Is there a library for CC3200 launchpad that will allow me to send sensor data to google firebase?
  2. Hi, short: on what pin do I insert 5V on the CC3200 launchXL, Can i do this on any pin that says 5V or can I only insert 5V through the USB? long: I would like to power my CC3200 launchpad from a 5V power supply on a "booster pack" (BP). Currently I've been powering the device either through USB laptop, or through a 5V adapter to USB (cellphone charger) Now I want to use a 12 V power supply to power a "booster pack". The BP would contain a DC-DC converter (http://www.icstation.com/mini-step-down-module-buck-converter-fixed-output-buck-power-supply-module
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