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Found 12 results

  1. Energia Version energia-1.6.10E18 I beleive this is refered to as Energia V17 Anaren C110L Booster Pack - there is no revision on silkscreen MSP430F5529 Launc Pad Rev 1.6 Running Energia Sketch AIR430BoostUSAFCC -WirelessTest.ino Including test serial output dispaly at end of this write up Basic Problem: CC110l Signal Receive strenght is reported near minimum when boards are only 6 inches to 1 foot aparts. Range is only a few feet before test crash. RSSI reports -45 at about 6-8 inches and -60 at 12-14 inches. I'm running wirelesstest.ino using 2 configurations of MSP430F5529 with a CC110L Booster Pack. This test sets up both boards to transmit and recevie an incrementint 0-9 count from each other and display the DATA count with RSSI, LQI, CRCBIT status info. It infintely repeats, no action required. I have both on seperate USB ports on my laptop mapped to serial COM5 and COM7. Both COM ports put out the status seen below and repeat endlessly with no error. I had same problem with previous version of energia and have tried ths with 4 different CC1101 boards. The launch pads run other programs fine. The boards are about 6 inches aprt and report RSSI value of -45 and going to about a foot its -63, I can see the RSSI value change in real time as I move the boards closer or further apart. The sketch has variable POWER_MAX set. I runt the sketch through Energia showing the near bottom signal strenght and I have also imported the wirlesstest.ino to CCS and reloaded the code o launchpads using CCS to try to find out what value is being programmed for power level but I'm not so experienced in debugging this very complcated driver code with structures calling structures and pointers used everywhere. I can't understand why the signal strenght is so low, I can see any configuration error I'm making either H/W or Energia -wise. If the code is bugged surley other would see this. But it seems like for some reason the POWER_MAX variable is not being programmed correctly. It goes through several redefines and POWER_MAX is reall not POWER_MAX, It sets the board to around 4dbm as I can trace through the driver files but that is pretty high power anyway, and I should be able to go thru rooms and not drop out with boards a few feet apart. I have tried this in different rooms and places and have tied battery power to my boards to seperate them from the PC and I get the same problem. The other wireless tests in the FCC directory fail as well after a few feet of board seperation. As far as RSSI value reported below the CC110L specification Section 5.18.2 page 37, in middle of page it has a note saying RSSI is reported in dbm value. Below that it states the RSSI Status Register is a 2s compliment and gives equations of how to convert to dbm, below that are graphs that show Power Level vs RSSI value. These 2 graphs are nearly 100% linear so fo a given RSSI value, lets say best case I'm getting of -45, the output power level is -45 dbm. So weather RSSI resgister is the actual dbm or needs conversion either way, my power is near bottom and after a seperation of a few feet the serail output stops logically because there is near 0 signal strenght My though is to try and use CCS to find what value is being programmed for power level. That is not so easy, I've debugged and looked over the code in great detail but I'm more towards the upper novice when it comes to code this complicated. If anyone has an idea why this low signal level may be happening or can advise a idea of what I could use as a watchpoint for the programmed power level value that would help alot. I've had these for 6 months now and have yet to make them work at anything other than a few feet of distance. Some CCS debug info I've found: Sketch Begins with Radio.begin(0x01, CHANNEL_1, POWER_MAX); In A110X2500Radio.c POWER_MAX is redfiend: Line 77 #define POWER_MAX POWER_4_DBM // Alias for maximum provided power In A110X2500Radio.c Line 69 POWER_4_DBM = 0, // 4dBm In A110LR09Config.h starting at Line 64 there is a large " Power Table user Settings" All but 5 entries are commented out. One of the uncommented lines, Line 85 #define A110LR09_POWER_4_0_DBM // 4.0dBm Note the A110LR09_POWER_4_0_DBM very close to POWER_4_DBM from A110X2500Radio.c Line 69 I'm wondering if this table is supposed to be selecting the actual power level and for some reason the #define POWER_MAX POWER_4_DBM statement that occurs early on is not getting translated or equated correctly, the code doesn't see a valid power level selected and its programmed at this low value or this low power level I'm seeing is the default? Thanks a million , sorry for the book I wrote, would this have been more appropriate put in Energia Libraries, I'm a newbie, not sure - Don Below is the output from one of the boards on serial port, the other boards output is identical. RX (DATA, RSSI, LQI, CRCBIT): (0Air!, -45, 0, 1) TX (DATA): 2Air! RX (DATA, RSSI, LQI, CRCBIT): (1Air!, -45, 0, 1) TX (DATA): 3Air! RX (DATA, RSSI, LQI, CRCBIT): (2Air!, -45, 0, 1) TX (DATA): 4Air! RX (DATA, RSSI, LQI, CRCBIT): (3Air!, -45, 0, 1) TX (DATA): 5Air! RX (DATA, RSSI, LQI, CRCBIT): (4Air!, -45, 0, 1) TX (DATA): 6Air! RX (DATA, RSSI, LQI, CRCBIT): (5Air!, -45, 0, 1) TX (DATA): 7Air! RX (DATA, RSSI, LQI, CRCBIT): (6Air!, -45, 0, 1) TX (DATA): 8Air! RX (DATA, RSSI, LQI, CRCBIT): (7Air!, -45, 0, 1) TX (DATA): 9Air! RX (DATA, RSSI, LQI, CRCBIT): (8Air!, -45, 0, 1) TX (DATA): 0Air! RX (DATA, RSSI, LQI, CRCBIT): (9Air!, -45, 0, 1)
  2. I have a MSP430F5529 module and I have connected CC110 L module to it.. I have another CC3200 Module with CC110L. I wish to send the analog values measured by MSP430F5529 to the CC3200 through RF. Here is my transmitter code(MSP430F5539 and CC110L).. I tried to modify the existing Wireless example.. #include <SPI.h> #include <AIR430BoostFCC.h> #define CMD_OFF 0 #define CMD_ON 1 /** * sControl - control packet. */ struct sControl { unsigned char cmd1;unsigned char cmd; }; struct sControl txControl = { CMD_OFF }; // TX control packet struct sControl rxControl = { CMD_OFF }; // RX control packet int sensorpin=A0; int sensorvalue=0; int u=0,t=0,h=0; char ID[]="ABCD"; void printRxData() { // Print the last received command to the serial port. Serial.print("RX Command: "); Serial.println(rxControl.cmd1); } void setup() { Radio.begin(0x02, CHANNEL_1, POWER_MAX); Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(RED_LED,OUTPUT); } void loop() { if(Radio.receiverOn((unsigned char*)&rxControl,sizeof(rxControl),1000)>0) { if(rxControl.cmd==3) { digitalWrite(RED_LED,HIGH); sensorvalue=analogRead(sensorpin); sensorvalue=map(sensorvalue,0,4096,0,255); char ID[4]="C"; char b[4]; itoa(sensorvalue,b,10); strcat(ID,b); Serial.println(ID); Radio.transmit(ADDRESS_BROADCAST,(unsigned char*)&ID,sizeof(ID)); } digitalWrite(RED_LED,LOW); } } On My receiver side I have a CC3200 with a CC110L booster pack. When the receiver code sends a #include <SPI.h> #include <AIR430BoostFCC.h> // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- /** * Defines, enumerations, and structure definitions */ #define CMD_OFF 0 #define CMD_ON 1 /** * sControl - control packet. */ struct sControl { unsigned char cmd1;unsigned char cmd; }; // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- /** * Global data */ struct sControl txControl = { CMD_OFF }; // TX control packet struct sControl rxControl = { CMD_OFF }; // RX control packet int sensorpin=A0; int sensorvalue=0; int u=0,t=0,h=0; char ID[]="XXXX"; // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Debug print functions void printRxData() { // Print the last received command to the serial port. Serial.print("RX Command: "); Serial.println(ID); } int i=0; void setup() { Radio.begin(0x02, CHANNEL_1, POWER_MAX); Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(RED_LED,OUTPUT); pinMode(GREEN_LED,OUTPUT); pinMode(YELLOW_LED,OUTPUT); digitalWrite(RED_LED,LOW); digitalWrite(YELLOW_LED,LOW); digitalWrite(GREEN_LED,LOW); } void loop() { txControl.cmd=i; Radio.transmit(ADDRESS_BROADCAST,(unsigned char*)&txControl,sizeof(txControl)); while (Radio.busy()); if (Radio.receiverOn((unsigned char*)&ID, sizeof(ID), 1000) > 0) { printRxData();digitalWrite(RED_LED,HIGH); } i++; if(i==4) { i=0; } } In receiver code I have a line txControl.cmd=i;.. When the value of i==3 it will ping the cc3200 transmitter to send the analog data back.. i=1 and i=2 are reserved for launchpads with MSP430G2553 and CC110L (They are working really fine).. But the MSP430F5529 is not sending the data back ... On t he Receiver side i will get the data in the format as A70 B30 C123 A is the Identity of the node and the numbers followed after that is the analog value of that node Please help
  3. TI Launchpad with MSP430G2553 @ 1 MHz and AIR Booster Pack with Anaren LR09A (CC110L [the light version of CC1101] with 27 MHz xtal and 900 MHz PCB antenna). http://www.ti.com/product/MSP430G2553 http://www.ti.com/tool/msp-exp430g2 http://www.ti.com/tool/430boost-cc110l https://www.anaren.com/air/air-boosterpack http://www.ti.com/product/CC110L The following code is supposed to send a single byte with OOK at 868 MHz. After choosing the correct XTAL frequency and removing "hidden" settings CRC_EN and APPEND_STATUS from the output of SMARTRF Studio 7 (note it also outputs invalid value 0x127 for RESERVED @ 0x2A -> see the datasheet, the default 0x7F is erroneously output as decimal), the byte is being sent, but if the last bit is set, an additional bit is added to that it has twice the intended bit time. See the attached resulting waveform for 0xB1 (0b10110001), recorded as AF with rtl-sdr / SDR# and shown in Audacity. Are there any settings that could cause this? Am I doing anything wrong? The Errata only mention sending a byte twice. #include <msp430.h> #include "stdint.h" #include "stdbool.h" // Anaren AIR booster pack with LR09A (868/9xx MHz) // CC110L #define GDO2_BIT BIT0 // P1 #define SCLK_BIT BIT5 // P1 #define MISO_BIT BIT6 // P1 #define MOSI_BIT BIT7 // P1 #define GDO0_BIT BIT6 // P2 #define CSN_BIT BIT7 // P2 // 2553 //#define LEDrd_BIT BIT0 // P1 #define RX_BIT BIT1 // P1 #define TX_BIT BIT2 // P1 #define button_BIT BIT3 // P1 //#define LEDgn_BIT BIT6 // P1 uint8_t status; uint8_t test; uint8_t softSPI( uint8_t write ) { uint8_t read = 0; P1OUT &= ~(SCLK_BIT); uint8_t n; for(n=8; n--{ // OUT if (write & 1<<n){ P1OUT |= MOSI_BIT; } else{ P1OUT &= ~(MOSI_BIT); } // CLOCK P1OUT |= SCLK_BIT; // IN if (P1IN & MISO_BIT){ read |= 1<<n; } P1OUT &= ~(SCLK_BIT); } return read; } uint8_t CC( bool rw, bool burst, uint8_t address, uint8_t data ) { uint8_t header = (rw<<7) // |(burst<<6) // |(address & 0x3F) // 0x00 to 0x2E. ; P2OUT &= ~(CSN_BIT); while(P1IN & MISO_BIT); /*uint8_t*/ status = softSPI(header); uint8_t read = softSPI(data); P2OUT |= CSN_BIT; return read; } uint8_t CS( bool rw, uint8_t address ) { uint8_t header = (rw<<7) // //|(0<<6) // |(address & 0x3D) // 0x30 through 0x3D). ; P2OUT &= ~(CSN_BIT); while(P1IN & MISO_BIT); uint8_t status = softSPI(header); P2OUT |= CSN_BIT; return status; } int main(void) { // Stop watchdog timer WDTCTL = WDTPW | WDTHOLD; BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_1MHZ; DCOCTL = CALDCO_1MHZ; // serial P1DIR = TX_BIT; P2DIR = 0; // CC110x soft-SPI P1DIR |= (MOSI_BIT | SCLK_BIT); P2OUT |= CSN_BIT; P2DIR |= (CSN_BIT); P2SEL &= ~(CSN_BIT); P2SEL2 &= ~(CSN_BIT); // Manual Reset // Set SCLK = 1 and SI = 0. P1OUT |= (SCLK_BIT); P1OUT &= ~(MOSI_BIT); // Strobe CSn low / high. //P2OUT &= ~(CSN_BIT); //P2OUT |= CSN_BIT; // Hold CSn low and then high for at least 40
  4. This code example works with Anaren and CC2500 BoosterPacks, (and of course with many other CCxxxx boards, like eZ430-RF2500,) and with G2553 LaunchPad. The code was based on slaa325 from TI (I am using same RF configs.) To use it, just un-comment one of the following lines in msp.h: //#define HARDWARE 2500 // CC2500 BoosterPack SPI1 G2553 LP //#define HARDWARE 915 // Anaren (915MHz) G2553 LP //#define HARDWARE 4302500 // EZ430-RF2500 CCxxxx.zip
  5. Hi, I am new to the forum, and hope I am doing this right. If this question is in the wrong spot please let me know. I have two MSP430G2 launchpads and a CC110L AIR module booster pack. My goal is to make a simple pushbutton toggle setup. (ie push the button on one board, and toggle a GPIO on the other board.) Eventually, I plan to turn this into a key fob with custom PCBs. Low power consumption would be really good too. I thought this would be a relatively easy project, but I am stuck. I can't get the boards to communicate at all. I got the settings by choosing from the SMARTRF studio. I planned to use an MSP430g2553 with USCI through the UCB0 interface as the SPI communication. However, I keep getting hang-ups in different parts of the code, with some TXFIFO_UNDERFLOWS sometimes, and other times just a hang-up. Currently, I didn't modify any of the boards and am using their built in connections. I am not sure what anyone would want, but if someone would have a suggestion or example I would be very grateful. Let me know if you would like anymore information from me. I haven't even tried using a LPM yet and am already stuck. I have spent hours reading the datasheets and just come away more confused every time. The Launchpad also comes with an MSP430g2452 if the USI interface would be a better option than the USCI, but when I was doing research it seemed like the 2553 with the USCI was more popular.
  6. Good evening, I have been working with the ez430-915 Chronos watch from TI for a project and I need it to communicate with the CC110L RF Anaren Air Boosterpack attached to a Stellaris Launchpad Microcontroller. I have searched around for a solution but all the answers I found were a few years old and did not provide a clear solution. I have also attempted to change the RF settings on the watch to match the AIR Boosterpack according to the user's manual. I am relatively inexperienced with RF modules and settings so I am not sure what exactly I need to change. I used SmartRF Studio to adjust the parameters for the Chronos and started it in packetTX mode to send packets with the launchpad boosterpack running the example energia code for the receiver. The settings are shown below. Base Freq: 903MHz Xtal Freq: 26MHz Carrier Freq: 903MHz Modulation: 2-FSK Data Rate: 38kBaud Channel Spacing: 96.008 kHz RX filter BW: 812.5 kHz TX Power: 10dBm Channel Number: 0 which resulted in the register settings: These all match the settings in the user manual too. 0x29, // IOCFG2 GDO2 Output Configuration 0x2E, // IOCFG1 GDO1 Output Configuration 0x06, // IOCFG0 GDO0 Output Configuration 0xFF, // FIFOTHR RX FIFO and TX FIFO Thresholds 0xD3, // SYNC1 Sync Word, High Byte 0x91, // SYNC0 Sync Word, Low Byte 0xFF, // PKTLEN Packet Length 0x04, // PKTCTRL1 Packet Automation Control 0x45, // PKTCTRL0 Packet Automation Control 0x00, // ADDR Device Address 0x00, // CHANNR Channel Number 0x0C, // FSCTRL1 Frequency Synthesizer Control 0x00, // FSCTRL0 Frequency Synthesizer Control 0x21, // FREQ2 Frequency Control Word, High Byte 0x6B, // FREQ1 Frequency Control Word, Middle Byte 0x24, // FREQ0 Frequency Control Word, Low Byte 0x1A, // MDMCFG4 Modem Configuration 0x71, // MDMCFG3 Modem Configuration 0x03, // MDMCFG2 Modem Configuration 0x21, // MDMCFG1 Modem Configuration 0xE5, // MDMCFG0 Modem Configuration 0x71, // DEVIATN Modem Deviation Setting 0x07, // MCSM2 Main Radio Control State Machine Configuration 0x30, // MCSM1 Main Radio Control State Machine Configuration 0x18, // MCSM0 Main Radio Control State Machine Configuration 0x1D, // FOCCFG Frequency Offset Compensation Configuration 0x1C, // BSCFG Bit Synchronization Configuration 0x47, // AGCCTRL2 AGC Control 0x40, // AGCCTRL1 AGC Control 0xB0, // AGCCTRL0 AGC Control 0x00, // WOREVT1 High Byte Event0 Timeout 0x00, // WOREVT0 Low Byte Event0 Timeout 0x00, // WORCTRL Wake On Radio Control 0xB7, // FREND1 Front End RX Configuration 0x10, // FREND0 Front End TX Configuration 0xE9, // FSCAL3 Frequency Synthesizer Calibration 0x2A, // FSCAL2 Frequency Synthesizer Calibration 0x00, // FSCAL1 Frequency Synthesizer Calibration 0x1F, // FSCAL0 Frequency Synthesizer Calibration 0x59, // FSTEST Frequency Synthesizer Calibration Control 0x7F, // PTEST Production Test 0x3F, // AGCTEST AGC Test 0x88, // TEST2 Various Test Settings 0x31, // TEST1 Various Test Settings 0x09, // TEST0 Various Test Settings I can't seem to get anything to receive on the stellaris with the boosterpack. Would someone be able to help me out? I've been tweaking the settings and testing but I've been stuck for a while now. Any help would be appreciated. I have also attached the code for the energia file I am using to receive data. Thank you, WG Edit: I think I may have this in the wrong thread. I'm sorry about that WirelessTest.ino
  7. I'm using CC110L Boosterpack with TIva C. I tried example codes provided in Energia. I want to use this boosterpack for my project. And I'm using Keil for programming. So any one can provide CC110L and SPI libraries for Keil???????
  8. I'm using CC110L Boosterpack with TIva C. I tried example codes provided in Energia. I want to use this boosterpack for my project. And I'm using Keil for programming. So any one can provide CC110L and SPI libraries for Keil???????
  9. I loved the eZ430-Chronos. On the Internet many projects made ??on the basis of this development tool. But one thing I did not like is that you need a computer to manage their programs. And without a computer Chronos watch can not control anything. So I bought Anaren CC110L RF BoosterPack (868 Mhz). But this kit does not work with Chronos. I looked a lot of information and code on this forum and on the internet. But always something was wrong, I did not want to rewrite the SimpliciTi protocol. And finally... I did emulation of RF USB dongle. The project uses the unmodified Chronos Control Centre and firmware of sportswatch. But blurobin and wireless firmware update does not work. To me, this part is not important. I used code composer studio. And now I have a working SimpliciTI on msp430g2553 with CC110L. And Run many examples which are in SimpliciTi installation directory. Here is a video how it works. p.s. Thanks to @gwdeveloper, with post SimpiciTI Tutorial for CC2500 p.p.s. Project attached CCS SimpliciTI MSP430 CC110L Anaren busterpack.rar
  10. Hi I am Anbu. New to MSP430. I have to a build a bot which is to be controlled using wrist movement. I'm using Accelerometer ADXL335 for that. I have to transmit the ADXL335 output from one msp430 to another msp430 which is on the bot. I'm having Anaren RF booster pack CC110L. How to transmit the data via the booster pack. please help me thanks
  11. Hi I am Anbu. New to MSP430. I have to a build a bot which is to be controlled using wrist movement. I'm using Accelerometer ADXL335 for that. I have to transmit the ADXL335 output from one msp430 to another msp430 which is on the bot. I'm having Anaren RF booster pack CC110L. How to transmit the data via the booster pack. please help me thanks
  12. I am new to launchpad and I've been trying to use the booster pack CC110L with no results. I am using the follwing: LaunchPad MSP430G2 (1.5) MSP430G2553 Anaren CC110L BoosterPack Energia 11 Windows 7 64-bit I am trying to run the example WirelessControl but i keep getting a huge error wihich at the end says: \energia0101E0011windows\energia0101E0011\hardware\msp430\libraries\AIR430BoostEuropeETSI\utility\Platform.cpp:114:28: error: 'SPIMISO_SET_MODE' was not declared in this scope Any ideas of what the problem could be??
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