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Found 3 results

  1. Yo, there Im using a tm4c1294nctd, Im wondering how to modify the existing blink example to make the internal led (D2/PF4) blinks randomly instead of a fixed time. Im trying to modify the digitalWrite(LED, HIGH); digitalWrite(LED, HIGH); with someting like digitalWrite(LED[j], HIGH); j = (j+1) % 5; But I realized this is gonna run over a given number of leds instead of time. I humbly request ideas. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Hi! Im getting these errors: This is my main code, it just reproduces a tone: Reproductor.ino #include "Nota.h" #include "Imperial_March.h" using namespace std; #include <vector> #include <string> template class std::basic_string<char>; #define DO 261.626 #define RE 293.665 #define MIb 311.127 #define MI 329.628 #define FA 349.228 #define FAs 369.994 #define SOL 391.995 #define SOLs 415.305 #define LA 440.000 #define SIb 466.164 #define SI 493.883 #define DOM 523.251 #define DOMs 554.365 #define REM 587.330 #define MIMb 622.254 #define MIM 659.255 #define FAM 698.456 #define FAMs 739.989 #define SOLM 783.991 const int BUZZER1 = PA_7; const int BUZZER2 = PF_1; float duracion_negra = 1.0; const int NUMERO_NOTAS = 216; void setup() { // initialize the digital pin as an output. pinMode(BUZZER1, OUTPUT); pinMode(BUZZER2, OUTPUT); const float DURANCION_MINIMA = duracion_negra/4.0; Imperial_March cancion; } void loop() { float nota_a_tocar = MI; digitalWrite(BUZZER1, HIGH); // turn the signal to buzzer high digitalWrite(BUZZER2, HIGH); // turn the signal to buzzer high delayMicroseconds( 1/(2*nota_a_tocar) *1000000 ); // wait for half cycle digitalWrite(BUZZER1, LOW); // turn the signal to buzzer low digitalWrite(BUZZER2, LOW); // turn the signal to buzzer low delayMicroseconds( 1/(2*nota_a_tocar) *1000000 ); // wait for half cycle } And the class I created, is just a "song": Imperial_March.cpp #include "Imperial_March.h" #include <iostream> Imperial_March::Imperial_March() { std::string notas_aux[] = {"SOL","SOL","SOL","MIb","SIb","SOL","MIb","SIb","SOL","REM","REM","REM", //12 "MIMb","SIb","FAs","RE","SIb","SOL","SOLM","SOL","SOL","SOLM","FAMs","FAM", //24 "MIM","SOLs","DOMs","DOM","SI","SIb","MIb","FAs","MI","FA","SIb","SOL", //36 "SI","SI","SOLM","SOL","SOL","SOLM","FAMs","FAM","MIM","SOLs","DOMs","DOM", //48 "SI","SIb","MIb","FAs","MI","SI","SOL","MIb","SIb","SOL","SOL","SOL", //60 "SOL","MIb","SIb","SOL","MIb","SIb","SOL","RE","RE","RE","MIMb","SIb", //72 "FAs","RE","SIb","SOL"}; tamanio = sizeof(notas_aux)/sizeof(std::string); unsigned int i = 0; for(i=0; i<tamanio; i++) notas.push_back(notas_aux[i]); } Imperial_March::~Imperial_March(){} std::string Imperial_March::Get_nota(int pos){ return notas[pos]; } int Imperial_March::Get_tamanio(){ return tamanio; } namespace std { void __throw_length_error(char const*){} void __throw_logic_error(char const*){} //void ios_base::Init(){} } And its header Imperial_March.h #ifndef IMPERIAL_MARCH_H #define IMPERIAL_MARCH_H #include "Nota.h" #include <string> #include <vector> class Imperial_March { public: Imperial_March(); ~Imperial_March(); std::string Get_nota(int pos); int Get_tamanio(); private: std::vector<std::string> notas; int tamanio; }; #endif // IMPERIAL_MARCH_H
  3. Hello ,I'm using MSP430F5131 Microcontroller of TI.I also use a MSP-FET Emulator in order to program that device.i have written a code in Code Composer Studio (Defined the properties of CCS's project to the devices im using).I compiled the program and no errors has found.Then i connected the MSP-FET to the board according to the datasheet SLA138H , page 26 . (The board supplies the 3.3V so i connected it to pin 4 in the JTAG connector of the MSP-FET). I didn't connect the TEST/VPP and didnt connect the the resistor R2 330Ohms as instructed in that datasheet coz i dont need to use the fuse blow protection functionality.My problem occurs when i try to download the program to the MSP430 device , when i hit on the downloading button an error message pops up :"Error connecting to the target: Unknown device".I tried to do the same in IAR Embedded Workbench (Same code , same properties) it asks me to update my firmware of the MSP-FET i click ok and it updates the firmware , but then i get the same error as i have got in the Code Composer Studio : "Tue May 01, 2018 11:08:46: Fatal error: Could not find device (or device not supported) Session aborted! "It is needed to be said that when i hit on the download button the "MODE" red led on the MSP-FET flashes and then stays on after the error message has been popped.I tried to get the 3.3V supply voltage for the downloading purposes from the MSP-FET (JTAG pin 2) and it still doesn't work and get the same error.I also made sure that the MSP430 gets the amount of voltage its needed (3.3V from the board by a regulator).I would like to know how i can solve this problem and download my code into the MSP430.I have attached a wiring schematic of the board. hope it will help.thanks in advance. updated electrical drawing.pdf
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