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Found 6 results

  1. I have BBB connected via USB, using PuTTY on windows In PuTTY, Host Name (or IP address) : Port : 22 When I load session with above settings, then if we want to connect back to the PC, I type - ping -> 20 packets sent, 0 received, 100% loss Always packets are sent but received is zero always Ps - I see this step in Derek Molloy's Beaglebone- Getting Started - Windows USB Network Adapter Setup Tutorial. Cant go ahead, I am stuck. He mentions the PC appears as on network and BBB is But when I try myself, zero packets are received Can anyone debug this problem?
  2. Justo got my new BeagleBone Black. I had Xbee explorer that i used with Arduino Uno. Need help to connect Xbee to BBB and receive data.
  3. Hi All, I have bought beaglebone black and used tutorials to setup it. I started with start.html (provided with BBB). installed rules(mkudevrule.sh). Tried opening in browser but didn't succeded. I tried finding IP of BBB using arp-scan and again got nothing. I found somewhere that by default ssh doesn't work on angstrom so i flashed debian into an SD card and booted with that ( i refer this tute:http://avedo.net/653/flashing-ubuntu-13-04-or-debian-wheezy-to-the-beaglebone-black-emmc/), again i am not able to connect with BBB. In start.html there's a link for USB to virtual Ethernet. I don't know how would i install this (if i need to) My system is detail is kumar@anandlinux:~$ uname -a Linux anandlinux.com 3.2.0-52-generic #78-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 26 16:21:44 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux One of my friend suggested that i should use FTDI to USB cable to connect with BBB USB mini to USB won't work. Is that true? Currently i'm using USB Mini to USB. I tried using screen command too screen /dev/ttyUSB1 115200 but that too doesn't help. Please suggest how can i connect. I've been Googling since 5th march and still clueless. i tried flashig and using latest image(debian) from http://beagleboard.org/latest-images as well but that isn't working as well. Do i need to have any module like g_eather installed to access BBB? Please let me know if i need to install anything else. I'm using this forum for first time so if i used wrong topic/specific topic etc then let me know
  4. I needed a case designed to hold the BeagleBone Black and 4D Systems 4.3" LCD Touchscreen. It is designed to sit on a desk and have the screen angled towards the user. This was one of the prototypes. I went with a different design than this, so I figured I would release this one to the public if anyone wants it. It was designed by reddit user /u/ubermeisters, a moderator on /r/3dprinting. He is a talented designer, and charges a very reasonable price. If you need something designed, I can highly recommend him. Anyway, here are some renders of the design: BeagleBone Black & 4D Systems LCD Just some things you need to be aware of. This case requires a low profile power adapter, and a small wifi adapter. The case is held together by press-in screw inserts, which you will probably have to glue in. You'll then need screws for it. Just an FYI, part of the reason I didn't go with this design is because I could only find these inserts in bulk quantities. Yardley Press-in Screw Inserts M3x.5x10mm Screws The power cord will fit through the hole in the back. You can have it printed on MakerXYZ for ~$30-$50 depending on the person you use, and if they're local or not. Anyway, here are the files if you want them: BeagleBone Black & 4D LCD Case
  5. RadiumBoards launches a smaller, friendlier and more affordable treat in HD Camera Cape for BBB Adding a camera cape to the latest BeagleBone Black, RadiumBoards has increased its “Cape”-ability to provide a portable camera solution. Thousands of designers, makers, hobbyists and engineers are adopting BeagleBone Black and are becoming huge fans because of its unique functionality as a pocket-sized expandable Linux computer that can connect to the Internet. To augment them in their work we have designed this HD Camera Cape with following features and benefits as: · 720p HD video at 30fps · Superior low-light performance · Ultra-low-power · Progressive scan with Electronic Rolling Shutter · No software effort required for OEM · Proven, off-the-shelf driver available for quick and easy software integration · Minimize development time for system designers · Easily Customized · Simple Design with Low Cost Priced for just $49.99, this game-changing cape plug for the latest credit card sized BBB can help developers differentiate their product and get to market faster. To learn more about the new and exciting cape checkout www.radiumboards.com Read System Reference Manual at :http://www.radiumboards.com/RB_HD_Camera_Cape_for_BeagleBone_Black_System_Reference_Manual_A0-01.pdf Check its datasheet at :http://www.radiumboards.com/RB_HD_Camera_Cape_for_BeagleBone_Black_Brochure_A0-01.pdf
  6. LaserGoodies has a sale on amazon.com for our Beaglebone Black Cases. To use the offer online, enter CyberLG1 at checkout. Link to our Product Page Sale is Good Till 11:59pm PST 12/02/13.
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