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Found 3 results

  1. I would like to trigger the sampling from a timer, but somehow cannot find the required information about the ADC12SHS bits in the ADC12CTL1 register. The family manual tells me to look in the specific device datasheet for that information, but I can't find it there (the MSP430F5529 datasheet). Also looked into the mspware C examples, but none uses timer triggered A/D. Where should I look for that info (which timers can be used, and how to set ADC12SHS bits to use them)?
  2. Hello, I am new to MSP430 devices and learning CCS to program it. I downloaded the following code to my MSP430F5438A contoller to check its behavior. It says LED gets ON when voltage @ P6.0 is greater than half of AVcc. AVcc is 3.3V, so LED should glow when P6.0 > 1.65. But LED doesn't glow until the voltage reaches to 3.6V. Please help me out with this. // MSP430F543xA Demo - ADC12_A, Sample A0, Set P1.0 if A0 > 0.5*AVcc // // Description: A single sample is made on A0 with reference to AVcc. // Software sets ADC12SC to start sample and conversion - ADC12SC // automatically
  3. Jaydeep


    Hello, I am working on a project to design LPG detection system using MSPEXP430F5438 experiment board. My sensor gives 3V output when exposed to air and gives around 5V output when exposed to LPG. My sensor should alarm when output is above 3V. I want to use ADC12 core of MSP430F5438A. I have doubts regarding ADC12 like what should be the reference level, what should be the sampling cycle etc. Any help would be appreciated.
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