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Found 5 results

  1. System uses PWM outputs to power two brushless DC motors, using servos to rotate the motors. IMG_5778.MOV
  2. I am from Guatemala and also I am currently a student at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. For my Embedded Systems project, I created an automated pet food dispenser and a digital anemometer. The first part was the automated pet food dispenser. For this device, I am using the MSP430F5529 from Texas Instruments.The objectives of this part were to control the dispensing system. This included allowing the user to set the current time (in 24 hrs format), dispensing time (in 24 hrs format), amount per servings (from 25 g to 750 g in 25 g increments), weekly increment (from 0 g to 150 g in 25 g increments), operate the motor, reset settings, and display settings. The requirements were to control a motor and be able to provide exact and precise servings at a previously selected schedule. Food needed to be dispensed a maximum of 6 times in a day. A LCD screen needed to display what specifications the user needed to introduce concerning to the amount of food and the respective schedule. The user needed to be able to input its specifications through 4 push buttons. The first buttons was RESET, to allow the user to set new specifications. The second button was OK. The third and fourth buttons were respectively UP and DOWN to select the desired specifications. In addition, the connections needed to be securely tightened in such a way that they would not disconnect when the device is shaken or rudely moved. Finally, the interface, which included a LCD screen and pushbuttons, needed to be user friendly. The second part of the project was the digital anemometer. This part consisted of reading the signal coming from a cup anemometer with a MSPEXP430F5529, and displaying the wind speed in meters per second on the graphical screen. The program needed to update the wind speed at least once per second. Furthermore, the reading needed to be as accurate as possible. Thus, this part consisted in reading an analog signal from a cup anemometer and transforming it into digital.
  3. Hey guys. I recently got a Launch pad -- MSP430G2 board ( Rev B ) [only the board and the USB cable from a friend]. I downloaded Energia for my Mac running OS X 10.9. [maverics]. Though the Power LED lights up, the board is not recognised by the IDE. I don't know if the problem is with the board, the cable or the IDE. Though the board was detected for a short period of time and I was able to just uplaod the Blink sketch into it. Now when I connect to a USB power or my MAC, led1 just keeps blinking. I am unable to program it. I hope you guys can help me spot the problem so that I can rectify it and make use of the board to learn Embedded systems. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi I have just joined the forum as a beginner on the MSP430 chips, been doing quite a bit of research on the chips with an aim to start programming shortly! Located in the United Kingdom. Thanks
  5. This is a prototype of a magnetic sensor BoosterPack for the TI MSP430 Launchpad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whgsB5hb-Pk The board has 3 Hall-effect magnetic sensors that sense a magnetic filed in the z-axis to the sensor. The BoosterPack has a latched output sensor (on/off by changing magnetic field direction), unlatched output sensor (on/off by changing magnitude of magnetic field), and analog output sensor (output follows strength of magnetic field). The sensor outputs are connected to analog input pins of the MSP430 LaunchPad. 10 LEDs are connected to digital output pins of the MSP430 LaunchPad to indicate the output of each of the sensors, and 1 LED indicates when power is connected to the board. The demo programming was quickly and easily written by a novice programmer using the Energia software. We see applications for this BoosterPack as an educational demo on magnetism and programming, a toy for young hobbyists and inventors, and as another building block in the MSP430 LaunchPad ecosystem. Any and all stimulating comments would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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