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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to do a timerA initiated multiple channel conversion with the ADC14 in an MSP432. It seems that TI-RTOS wants to use all the TimerA modules. I believe this because I see the TAxR value stop. I also made a simple timer routine to blink the LED in the TA0 ISR, and it works sometimes and not others. I notice that there doesn't seem to be any drivers for TI-RTOS for the timers, and no example code for doing a multichannel convert triggered by TimerAx. I have bare metal code for driverlib that works perfectly, but when I put it into Energia, I get no interrupts, as the time
  2. I am working with a simplified version of the Galaxia_Task example. For some reason the rtosSetup() function does not seem to be firing. My code: TaskTest.ino #include "Energia.h" #include "rtosGlobals.h" void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); } void loop() { Serial.println("Hello from test loop"); delay(1000); } rtosGlobals.h #include "Energia.h" #include "Task.h" void functionTask(); Task myTask; void functionTask() { while(true) { Serial.println("hello from task"); delay(500); } } void rtosSetup() { myTask.begin(functionTask, Task_numPriorit
  3. I had a look to TI-RTOS and it looks really nice. A lot of useful stuff, (SYS/BIOS, FatFs, USB stack, TCP/IP stack) and everything using FOSS licenses. Really cool. Anyone using it in here? The problem I have with it, is that it is supposed to be used with Code Composer Studio. TI-RTOS package comes with all the components mentioned above, and also with a set of tools called XDCtools. XDCtools contain a lot of binaries and Eclipse plugins that are automatically integrated with CCS. These tools are mainly used to configure SYS/BIOS components and browse the status of objects (semaphores, ta
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