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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. We are using MSP430F6723, and we want to achieve 20 uA of current consumption. There is a problem with hardware SPI. SMCLK doesn't stop after reading from SPI is finished. If I'm not mistaken, it doesn't stop if UCBUSY = 1. I don't care about UCBUSY behavior, but I have huge additional current consumption becasue SMCLK doesn't stop. Therefore, I have to use a software implementation of SPI. But in this case I need 160 uSec to read 32-bit word. With hw SPI it takes 30-40 uSec (4 times faster). It also costs 2 uA additional consumption. This value
  2. I've got an F5229LP app that sets SMCLK to XT2 with a divider of 4. (XT2 = 25Mhz crystal, which is also the source for MCLK) When I initialize the clocks, HardwareSerial no longer produces an accurate Baud Rate, and it breaks terminal communication. I see that HardwareSerial.cpp contains: #define SMCLK F_CPU //SMCLK = F_CPU for now I've tried changing it to F_CPU / 4 but the situation did not improve. Here is my recreation code: (Uncomment initClocks(25000000l); and change HardwareSerial.cpp to see it fail) #include <WString.h> void initClocks(uint32_t mclkFreq); void SerialT
  3. Hello, I am trying to determine the frequency of the TIMER_A with a given Capture/Control Register 0 (CCR0) value 0. My understanding is that the frequency is (SMCLK)* (1/CLOCKSOURCE_DIVIDER)*(1/Number of Cycles) My configuration: Clock source is SMCLK. SMCLK frequency is 8MHz (1), CCR0 value is 50000 decimal (0xC350). TIMER_A is set in continuous mode (TIMER_A_CONTINUOUS_MODE) "timer_a_ex2_continous ModeOperationWithCCR-Interrupt"Src: MSP430ware/Libraries/Driver Library/MSP430F5xx_6xx/Example Projects/TIMER_A The only change I made is this: replaced TIMER_A_CLOCKSOURCE_DIVIDER_1
  4. Dear all, I am an AVR atmega8 refugee, and msp's clocking scheme seems pretty feature rich (not to mention complex!). I am using MSP430G2 launchpad (g2553). This program uses TImerA, and hardware UART with interrupt. It runs at 1Mhz from DCO. And the peripherals take clock from SMCLK. The UART just echos whatever it receives. The timer generate 500ms delay, and toggles the red and green leds on board http://pastebin.com/yApLyFbu The problem is, I can only have one peripheral at a time using the SMCLK. If I have the above code running exactly as it is, the timer will correctly r
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