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Found 3 results

  1. Hello i start to use the MSP432P401R and TM4C123 and i have a lot of doubts. The first is, How must i change the frequency of my microcontroller? I'll need a frequency of 1,2 khs, I tried to user the function "analogFrequency(1200)", however i have had the error: exit status 1 Erro compilando para a placa RED LaunchPad w/ msp432 EMT (48MHz) tks
  2. I want to generate a low freqency PWM( 70Hz). How can i change the pwm frequency? The analogFrequency function is not working, I can`t compile if I write analogFrequency(800) for example. ( this is the error message that I get:" undefined reference to `analogFrequency' ")
  3. I'm beginner with energia and I don't know how set PWM frequency on energia. I would like set PWM frequency as 10kHz. Could anyone help me?
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