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Found 5 results

  1. Stumbled upon this. Tektronix, a producer of various engineering test equipment, including Oscilloscopes, happens to have a free to use/download set of courses for learning how to use an Oscilloscope. The more important part is that it uses a standard MSP430 launchpad + Energia to do it. http://www.tek.com/lab-course/learning-oscilloscope-operation-using-msp430-launchpad-board The search shows about 20 of the courses: http://www.tek.com/courseware/search?body=msp430&field_courseware_categories_value=1902&field_courseware_keywords_value=All&field_course_language_
  2. TivaScope is an oscilloscope which works with Tiva Launchpad (http://www.ti.com/tool/ek-tm4c123gxl, only 12.99$) from Texas Instruments. It communicates with PC via USB port. Its maximum sampling frequency is 1MSa/s with 12bit resolution. The signal which is shown on screen was obtained from referance signal output with10KHz %30 Duty Cycle. It also supports Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad. Tutorials https://youtu.be/B4GVoiZVIM4 https://youtu.be/O0G1Gm5h3fk Specifications Maximum sampling frequency is 1MSa/s with 12bit resolution. It supports USB 2.0 Single channel input PE3(AN0) Referance
  3. I want to design PC based oscilloscope using tiva c launchpad .I am planning to use LabVIEW for GUI because i know how to use it... But thing is that i want to do something new innovative in oscillscope like put oscilloscope in sleep mode automatically and if any user want to analyze waveform oscilloscope wake up automatically once user connect its signal to oscilloscope ...How this is possible??? I want to make this oscilloscope based on web .So from anywhere in world we can acess it. Still if you have better innovative idea you can suggest me... I shall be thank full to you.
  4. If you ever wanted to get logic analyzer, you should take a look at Digilent's Analog Discovery. Analog Discovery is a multifunction device developed by Digilent in cooperation with Analog Devices (AD is filled with chips from AD.) AD features analog and digital inputs and outputs, and can be used as an oscilloscope, function generator, logic analyzer, pattern generator, virtual I/O, voltmeter, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, and even power supply. And the best part, it's affordable, especially for US students. I got my AD several days ago and let me tell you, AD is a true Swiss
  5. ElGuille


    I needed to be able to watch signals from hundreds of Hz to 10Khz . While reading the msp430 family manual found the Data Transfer Controller (DTC) that can be put to work with the ADC . So the original launchscope by NJC streams data one sample at a time , and that is why it is so slow . So using the DTC we can actually get near the 200Ksps . So I use an array of 200 integers (400 Bytes . I didn't want to leave the launchpad without ram, just 512B for the msp430g2553
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