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Found 1 result

  1. The TI nspire calculator is an advanced calculator which is expected to be the successor of TI-89. There are news on the web that a recent OS update (version 4.2) to the TI Nspire calculator added serial interface support to its programming environment. Before this OS release, the USB port is intended only for PC data connectivity (PC software for this calc is free with every purchase of the calc, and runs exactly the same as the real calculator on PC) and charging of calculator battery. Although this feature is not highlighted in the release notes, some calculator enthusiasts reported success (and here) of serial communication with a MSP432 LP connecting to this calculator with USB interface. This will definitely expand the possibility of the LP as learning tool in school settings. Imagine LP acts as sensor hub and the Nspire a platform for exploring the mathematical concepts behind the data captured. On the other hand, the Nspire itself equipped with color screen and a full (although not qwerty) alphanumeric keyboard can be a very nice HMI to control the LP via the serial interface. Together with Energia, it will be easier to introduce programming and basic electronics to a broader range of students, as this new serial communication capability make it possible to bring something new to what they are generally used to - a calculator.
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