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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone. First of all, i am new with msp430 microcontrollers and i have a project that i think it is hard for beginners but i must do it I will take the data from accelerometer and write it to the eeprom. I will use msp430g2230. eeprom and accelerometer both are communicating with SPI. I must sample the data at least 1Hz. I just learned about registers and SPI and worked on msp430ware codes about SPI communication a little bit. Where can i start this project? What are your suggestions and do you know any source related to my project?
  2. We love to play the game Boggle. It's an analog game ;-) It uses a 3 minute sandglass to keep time for one play. Unfortunately one day the sandglass was gone. So I needed a fast solution and made a Dremel-milled PCB to hold the 8 pin MSP430G2230. I added a red/green LED, a small speaker and a coin cell battery. The MSP430 is always in LPM4 until the small metal-ball triggers the start by shaking the entire casing. It's just to metal contacts which get shorted. Than the green LED keeps flashing for 3 minutes. Once these are over the red LED flashes and a beep sound can be heard. It was a rain
  3. I wanted to add a small fireplace to our christmas crib and thought it needs a 430 ;-) It was a pretty small project, but fun though. The LEDs are driven by a pseudo random generator. I think it looks kind of OK, the color could be more improved with the yellow to red ratio (I'll keep it on the backlog for next xmass ;-) ) I made a pretty simple one sided "Dremel" board to hold the MSP430G2230 and the LEDs.The 1.27mm pitch enables the pretty fast way to get a useable PCB and the four port pins are just enough for this.
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