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Found 3 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone might be able to give me direction on how to use the LPM's? I have seen a bunch of stuff like this: //****************************************************************************** // MSP430G2xxx Demo - Software Port Interrupt Service on P1.3 from LPM4 // // Description: A hi/low transition on P1.3 will trigger P1_ISR which, // toggles P1.0. Normal mode is LPM3 ~ 0.1uA. LPM4 current can be measured // with the LED removed, all unused P1.x/P2.x configured as output or inputs // pulled high or low, and ensure the P1.3 interrupt input does not float. // AC
  2. A small project. G2211 PIR Sensor 5630 LED strips On/Off button Button Doubles as Test Mode Board half way done. Using a Reg104 DPAK (I'll stick to a TO-220 next time) as the regulator, and MMBT3904 sot-23 transistors on a board of my own design. The base resistors should be on the back, but I didn't have the right value 0805/1206 resistors at the time. Quite proud of my clean, flush mount, perfect fit for the button, led, and sensor. Two tricks. One, I used two pins to provide high to low, and low to high interrupts, instead of swapping the interrupt in code, since I won't
  3. I just came across this well-documented project that connects the MSP430 G-series launchpad with an OV7670 camera module: http://www.rpg.fi/desaster/blog/2012/10/20/ov7670-fifo-msp430-launchpad It uses the MSP430G2452 and implements: - I2C to talk to the camera - 8bit parallel interface to read image from camera - soft UART to transfer image data to the PC (at 115200 baud)
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