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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I am new to this form yet I have a question regarding MSP430G2553 low power mode (LPM4). My setup includes an MSP-EXP430G2 Launchpad with MSP430g2553 controller assembled on an external self made PCB with RX, TX, TEST, RST, VCC connected to the Luanchpad through a FLUKE 187 (high quality meter ) micro Amper meter and GND pins. I tried the recommended sketch, attached bellow, I found on another forum to test the LPM4 mode, including the "for(uint8_t i;i<20;i++) pinMode(i, INPUT_PULLDOWN)" routine followed by pinMode(P1_3,INPUT_PULLUP); and pinMode(P1_0,OUTPUT); It seem to work but when in LPM4, I measure 75 micro ampers instead of the desired ~ 0.1 micro amps. Can anybody please advise how can I reach the desired ~ 0.1 microamp. Thank you @@rord100 The sketch I used to test the LPM4 mode void setup() { pinMode(P1_1,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P1_2,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P1_3,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P1_4,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P1_5,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P1_6,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P1_7,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P2_0,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P2_1,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P2_2,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P2_3,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P2_4,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P2_5,INPUT_PULLDOWN); pinMode(P1_3,INPUT_PULLUP); //Enable inputs on P1_3 (onboard button) pinMode(P1_0,OUTPUT); //Enable output on P1_0 (onboard red LED) attachInterrupt(P1_3,Interrupt, FALLING); //attach our interrupt routine to P1_3 } void loop() { LPM4; //whenever the loop runs, switch back into LPM4 //we could put code here that would run after every Interrupt - see warning in text. } void Interrupt(void) //Our interrupt routine { digitalWrite(P1_0,!digitalRead(P1_0)); //toggle the red LED };
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